Monday, October 09, 2006

ever working, not much to show for it

i started a brea bag because the pattern is adorable, and i figured it'd be a nice, quick stashbuster. here's the first finished side.
Brea Bag from Berroco
here's where i ran out of yarn. dammit. so i had to order 3 more skeins of wool of the andes in tulip. hope it matches. while i was at it, i also ordered a bunch of knitpicks elegance to make my winter coat accessories. i think it's time.
Brea Bag second side
i've also sloooowly been making progress on glee. i can't tell you how much i don't want to finish this sweater. i think it's because i feel like i made it already. my somewhat cowl is really very similar. the alpaca and silk is lovely yarn and i think the finished product will fit well and look elegant. i just can't bring myself to finish it. i also think i'm dreading sewing on those damn hook and eyes. at this rate, i'll be finished with this perfect fall sweater by next summer.
Slow progress on Glee
here's one finished vesper sock. i went ahead and used the chevron pattern from sensational knitted socks. i did a lot of leg increases. it's a bit snug, but i think it'll be ok. i tried a number of new techniques this time. i did toe-up on #2 addi turbos--my first attempt at magic loop in forever. i also did a sewn bind-off, which looks nice, but is kind of a pain in the ass to execute. now that this one is finished, i'm going back to the mixed berry waffles socks in the hopes that i'll have two more finished pairs by the end of the month.
Vesper Chevron sock from Sensational Knitted Socks
and lastly, i got an RAK! Debs from the knittyboard was very sweet to send me this baseball tee. it's adorable and it fits perfectly. she also sent some ribbon trims that i'm sure will come in handy. thank you so much!
RAK from Debs


  1. The Brea bag looks great, but does it still count as a stashbuster if you have to buy more yarn to do it? ;-)

    I hope you do get up the energy to finish the sweater, it looks like it will be gorgeous. You can always layer it under a coat if you don't have it done in time for the perfect fall weather. Or, just spend your summer in over-air-conditioned buildings. That's the only way I get to wear knitwear.

  2. That Brea Bag is adorable! The Chevron socks are cute but they do look like they'll be tight. Maybe they'll stay up better that way!



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