Sunday, October 29, 2006

catching up on photos

to start: two pairs of socks to conclude Socktoberfest.

Mixed Berry Waffles socks

Mixed Berry Waffles socks, twinkletoes sock yarn in harlequin, #1 metal dpns, toe-up with heel flap, 68 st. cuffs are about 8 inches long. stitch pattern is from blueberry waffle socks.

the yarn has fabulous non-pooling colors, but the socks are very scratchy, even post-washing. i probably would not use this yarn again for that reason.

Chevron socks from Sensational Knitted Socks

Chevron socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, vesper sock yarn in tartan, #2 addi turbos using magic loop, toe-up with heel flap, 56 st inc to 65 st at the cuff. the yarn is soft and sproingy, but i'm sad about the handwash only aspect. this pattern was also not my favorite. i think it looks better off the foot. this is the first time i used the sewn bind-off method, which i liked. i'll probably use it from now on. i also like using magic loop, and will likely start using it more often as well.

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  1. Two pairs of very nice socks. Too bad the first ones are scratch. I actually like the way the chevron socks look... kind of a more subtle jaywalker.

  2. Both are cute but I LOVE the the striped chavron socks. SO fun.

  3. Nice sockies.

    Yeah too bad the first pair is scratchy, cause I love the color!

  4. ugh, I have 3 skeins of the first one. Sorry to hear it's itchy... perhaps I'll totally soak it in hair condition then rinse... maybe that will help? Love the second ones by the way, very chic! :)

  5. Too bad the first pair is scratchy. It's a very pretty colorway.

  6. Love the socks, Sara! I just received a gift of a skein of Vesper, and I'm really looking forward to knitting with it.



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