Friday, October 13, 2006

brr, it's cold in here

um, yeah. i'm not ready for snow. i've only washed 6 of my winter sweaters, and i still have 7-8 more to go. i bought a small bottle of eucalan to try it out. i hate the smell of eucalyptus but fortunately it wasn't that strong. i left some of my windows open last night and my house was freezing. luckily we only got a tiny dusting of the white stuff, but still.

i finished the zigzag scarf but haven't blocked it yet and i started the coordinating hat but only finished one earflap. i still don't have the yarn for my other coat. maybe i should've started earlier in the season. *pained face* i also have a frisbee tournament next weekend so i really hope it warms up again. like a lot. like 30 degrees. why, october? why are you doing me wrong?

this seems like a good time to talk about future projects. i elected not to do xmas presents this year. i just don't need that kind of stress. this frees me up to make many more selfish projects, b/c hey--i really wanted to knit for myself year round anyway. my current project load is really much better than it's been in a very long time. i mostly have small projects going and i'm debating frogging some of the larger ones that have been sitting around. i only have one sweater on the needles, the bubble pullover, and the body is almost half done. if i keep plugging away at it, i should have time this winter to make at least 3 more non-stockinette sweaters. that's the goal. in no particular order:

riviera sweater from debbie bliss alpaca silk two in debbie bliss alpaca silk dk in red. i *will* break the red sweater curse. i better. i have a lot of red yarn.

Fairly Easy Fair Isle from SNB Nation in cascade 220. i really wanted to buy lamb's pride, but i went to village yarn shop yesterday and the colors they had just weren't what i was looking for. i ended up getting chocolate brown with pink, yellow, and purple. i'm planning to change the sizing of the sweater to be much more close-fitting, hence the change to worsted weight yarn.

i'm having a little trouble deciding on a third sweater. i was thinking about this vogue sweater in some gray alpaca/silk/wool i got in a trade. or there's the narrow sweater with eyelets from rebecca in the aubergine elann baby silk. i really need more cardigans in my life, but i'm realizing that i'm kind of picky about my cardigans. i still have The Cone of green cascade 220, and now i'm thinking i really want a cable and bobble cardigan. this one looks promising.

i also bought some classic elite la gran mohair in burgundy. due to a math error, i only bought 270 yds when i should've gotten 600. oops. i'm thinking about crocheting the cold shoulders capelet from snb crochet, but i have doubts that i'd ever wear it. maybe i'll just make a scarf.

then there's all the socks and other little things i was planning to make. and that damn babette's blanket is still taunting me. the important thing is that i'm not buying any more yarn for the duration of winter. i have plenty of things to do.


  1. First off, I love Glee. I think it's truly one of the most flattering sweaters you've knit! I can definitely see you getting a lot of use out of it!

    I'm not doing the knitted Xmas gifts this year either. Too much other stuff I need to do! Freeing isn't it!

  2. All those sweaters are gorgeous. I'd have a hard time picking the last one, too!



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