Thursday, September 21, 2006

well that was quick

i did say i wanted to get back to sewing. last night after work, i pulled out my year's collection of burda magazine patterns that i've never used and found a cute top. tracing the road map patterns is a huge PITA. it's really difficult to see the correct lines and i accidentally forgot to trace the sleeve pattern piece. i folded up the map, started laying out my pattern pieces, and suddenly it hit me..."uh, where's the sleeves?" so i had to unfold it all and find the other piece. but after getting through that frustration, it wasn't all that bad.

for my first sewing project in a long time, i chose top 113B from the August 2006 issue. i made the 34" size in some cotton jersey that my mom gave me. i did not use interfacing on the collar b/c i didn't have any. and i sewed the top in navy because i had no green thread. i think the sleeves were supposed to be 3/4 length, but i made mine bracelet length. the ties are long enough that you can wrap them around and tie in the front, but i prefer them tied in the back. here's the front and back views:
Top 113B from Burda Magazine Patterns 08/2006
Top 113B back
it was very easy to sew, with a few caveats. firstly, i suck at putting in sleeves. i've only done it once before, and i did a crappy job on that one too. of course one sleeve went in perfectly and the other one was awful. they're raglan sleeves too, so they are supposed to be easier, but they weren't. oh well.

the other thing is, the instructions tell you to sew the collar to the shirt, but they don't tell you how. the way i did it, the seams show if i'm not careful. i think i need to tack down the collar seam by top-stitching it. also, the instructions say that the collar is supposed to be one very long piece cut on the fold. i had 60" wide fabric like it specified, but there is no way in hell that it's possible to cut it in one piece. so i cut out two and seamed it at the center back neck.

i think it turned out very well. it fits me perfectly. i didn't think i'd like it b/c it's not a color i normally wear, but i really love it.

and just for fun: a shot of mitosis.
Second hexagon finished

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  1. Wow. Talk about instant gratification. It looks fab.

  2. Cool. It's good to dive right into the pool. Good job on the top. Sleeves and shoulder sewing/fitting are the most difficult things in tailoring and dressmaking. I've never quite mastered them. They are harder than pant fitting IMHO. Keep up the good work!

  3. Looks great. Love the color. Plus if it's cotton jersey, I bet it's way more comfortable than tops that cute usually are!

  4. Oh man, you have no idea how excited I was at the mention of mitosis! [/nerrrrd]

    The top looks great! :)



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