Monday, September 18, 2006

Project boredom


do you have any idea how long it takes to knit a bathtub-sized Absorba bathmat? a really frickin long time. while knitting with very heavy hard-on-the-hands cotton. in garter stitch. i think it is safe to say that i will never knit a log-cabin afghan. i really want to finish it but i can only handle one section a night before i'm in pain and unbearably bored.

i'm up to the ankle of my mom's birthday socks. one thing i neglected to mention...i hate the colorway she picked out. it pains me. it's busy and the colors are kind of weird together so i figured staying with plain stockinette would be safest. my mom's feet are also significantly larger than mine, though thank god she likes her sock cuffs much shorter than i prefer. the guilt of realizing that my mom's birthday was August 19 is making me stick with this pair through second sock syndrome--but believe me, i will be overjoyed once these are off the needles and in the mail.

ditto with that hat i screwed up. thanks for all the suggestions, i think i will try to darn the hole together with extra yarn and hand-felt it. mostly b/c i have no clue how to needle felt, nor do i have the energy to figure it out at the present time.

i'm still working on glee. it's so fucking boring. yes, i'm resorting to cursing now. row after row of knit stitches with no end in sight. i seriously knit on it for at least 2 hours yesterday and the damn thing is approximately an inch longer than it was before.

what else? i keep gazing longingly at my finished trekking stocking but i'm not allowed to pick that one up until i finish mom's socks. i feel guilty for not making the second baudelaire sock but i am using the same needles for the anatolian mittens. and i have no desire whatsoever to work on the mittens.

what i really want to do is grab the green cone of cascade 220 and make a cabled sweater. and yet i must plug away at the pile of Unfinished Objects.



  1. Wow! a bunch of new posts for me to read!

    1) green Droplet hat...I love it! Do you like the other patterns in the book?

    2) pink hat. uh oh...I have no idea how I'd fix that one. Hope others gave you better ideas!

    3) Bath mat! Cool, but you're right, I woulda hated knitting it too!

    4) Socks...I like em, you can do it! Finish!

  2. needle felting is easy! you should totally try it. i just wrote a crochet pattern that includes a tutorial and some other needle felting related links. at least give it a go at a later time if you don't use it for this project.
    i also feel your pain on the bath mat - i have two unfinished afghans and completely lack the attention span required to pick them up again.

  3. I started a bathmat in old Sugar and Cream Jumbo thick (or whatever it was called) and gave up after 5 rows. The garter stitch was so monotonous and the giant needles just killed my small fingers. Ditto here with the unfinished garter stitch afghan. Endless rows of boredom. Never again.



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