Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pop Quiz

What does Sara do when she gets bored with all of her unfinished projects?

A) She sucks it up and finishes something.
Second (and last) Absorba bathmat

B) She mauls the mailman for the free yarn that shows up on her doorstep.
Yorkshire Tweed 4ply

C) She throws caution to the wind and just lets her kitties make sweet love to her yarn.
Wyatt hearts Henry's Attic Texas

D) She *sigh* starts a new project.
A lonely pentagon modeled by Wyatt

ok, so technically they are all correct, but i was going for option D. i'm sure you could see it coming. more on that in a sec.

i'm done with the second absorba bathmat. here's the two of them side-by-side for size comparison. ellie wandered into the photo b/c she's an attention whore.
Size comparison of Absorba rugs
i can't even tell you how many more sections i knit for the bigger one. too many. it's still not as large as i'd like, but it's all i could take. good enough.

my prize yarn from the amazing lace arrived yesterday. 10 balls of yorkshire tweed 4 ply. i was thinking about using it for Serrano. we'll see.

He's not asleep
it's odd that the cats prefer fuzzy yarns. they loooove laceweight alpaca and evidently they won't kick mohair out of bed for eating crackers either. wyatt would not leave my kettle-dyed Henry's Attic Texas alone. he kept rubbing against it and purring and he'd try to maul it and then i'd take it away and then he'd maul my arm for taking it away. and he drooled all over it. lovely image, i'm sure.

he's going to have to learn to leave it alone. because i'm using it to make the Bubble Pullover from Knitting Nature. i'm using #5 denise circs. i did a swatch and worked out the math and by knitting at a tighter gauge and a thinner yarn the pullover should measure 37" instead of 46." i hope it's enough. because i really like this sweater but i really don't want to look like the 80s exploded anywhere in my vicinity. i let wyatt model the first pentagon b/c it made him so happy. if it's too big at least i'll have a new wyatt-approved cat bed.

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  1. I was totally going for D too!


    My cats adore alpaca too, what is it?

  2. The bathmats turned out really well! They look terrific!

    Alpaca smells delicious to cats. ;-)

  3. Serrano sounds like a perfect idea for that Rowan yarn -- I think it would look great!



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