Wednesday, September 27, 2006

no good post titles these days

Second trekking stocking
i started trekking stocking #2. i'm up to the fourth round of decreases. the yarn is annoyingly splitty. i think next time i'd use bamboo instead of metal dpns.

Machiko Kayaki's Simple Chic
i got my japanese sewing book in the mail. i don't know if i'll be able to figure it out, but it doesn't look too difficult. i'm thinking about making a super easy blouse this weekend if i have time.

i ordered the debbie bliss alpaca silk two book and 15 balls of red alpaca silk dk. i really like at least 4 of the designs in the book. and i need to make more sweaters.


  1. Look at the pretty sock yarn!

    I am curious about the book too, but I know for a fact I could not figure out Japanese text. Good luck and I will love to see what you create out of it.

  2. Gosh, I wish I could sew! Or read Japanese! or both!

    Those Alpaca Silk designs are to die for. I made a really luscious scarf last year and it was so much fun to knit with, but kind of heavy. Did have a terrible time getting the ends to stay in, though.

  3. Mmm... alpaca silk! You and I will be knitting with the same yarn at the same time! (We just have good taste that way...) Though I'm using the worsted version in teal. ;)

  4. Nice trekking!

    Still reminds me I need to order some of that for myself!

    japanese sewing book looks cool! Hope you can figure it out!



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