Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Need to Sew

i forgot to mention that when my mother visited, she brought approximately 4 boxes of fabric with her. I really need to get back into sewing. and now that i have an entire crafting room, i don't really have a good excuse not to.

so to hopefully stimulate progress, i just bought a sewing pattern book on ebay. It's Machiko Kayaki's Simple Chic. I hope it's not too hard for an english-only speaker to figure out, because the patterns are so adorably cute. i especially love the linen dress with ruffles around the armholes.

i also bought the Amy Butler's book. it looks like there are a lot of cute home sewing projects, but most of my fabric stash is more clothing appropriate. i guess i'll figure it out when it gets here. i decided to take the plunge and get it b/c i also pre-ordered Beck's new cd, The Information. it has a dvd of videos for every song and you get to decorate the blank album cover with stickers. i'm such a sucker.

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