Sunday, September 17, 2006

a little help from my friends

Mom's birthday hat felted
i felted my mom's hat while i was doing laundry yesterday. i had to run it through 4 loads of laundry but it finally shrank enough. the fabric is very thick and sturdy and i love the bucket hat shape. i'm not sure that it's exactly what my mom was going for, but at least *i* think it's cute for my winging a pattern to mimic a hat she admired in the yarn store.

just one problem.
Sweet Merciful Crap.
craaaaaaap. felting is like, foolproof. how could i have screwed this up? i threaded the yarn needle through the top stitches twice. what do i do to fix it? i was thinking of making a small patch in matching yarn, somehow sewing it to the underneath side of the hat and then hand felting that spot. will that work? i can't put a pompom on it because it's not what my mom wanted, and it would look completely asinine. what do i doooo? help is much needed.


  1. I'm not sure what you can do, but it's a beautiful hat!!! I love it.

    Perhaps just sewing up the hole with the same colour yarn... or felting a small bit of yarn and sewing that on inside the hat... I don't know... sorry

  2. needle felting the hole closed maybe? take some left over yarn, unravel it down to the plies to get fluffy bits and needle felt the heck out of it? I make no promises though - I've never needle felted in my life.



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