Sunday, September 03, 2006

it's like buttah

Napoleon sweater
yay napoleon! i made something after all. i give you Napoleon, a self-designed top-down turtleneck raglan, with cabled sleeves and 1x1 ribbing. the sweater measures 30" across the bust with a teensy bit of waist shaping. i used #15 denise circs. pardon the crappy photo. this is the only semi-decent one i could get and the sweater is actually still kind of damp so it was pretty gross wearing it.

i'm about as pleased with this one as i possibly can be. it is bulky, but what was i expecting? i think it will be fabulous for when the temps are subzero. the sweater bled a whole awful lot. i rinsed it three times and the water was still faintly pink. again, the yarn changed its character a great deal after washing--much softer and drapier.

but enough about that. i have other things to share.
Progress on Glee
alpaca and silk is so lovely. my glee is progressing nicely. the pattern is fairly boring but i got through the first disc of arrested development season 3 with no trouble.

i got to the edging of my mom's birthday shawl, but then i messed up and needed a break. i could not resist whipping out the handpainted bulky merino yarn that i ordered and starting lady eleanor's entrelac stole.
Lady Eleanor beginnings
this yarn is a dream to work with. it's so soft and so squishy and works so well with the pattern. i NEED to make myself a sweater in this yarn someday. or maybe i'll make my own lady eleanor. *sigh* one thing at a time. well as much as can be expected from me.

i learned a new skill thanks to i can knit and purl backwards now and it has speeded up progress on the stole immensely. it's actually pretty fun...i would highly recommend trying it.

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