Friday, September 15, 2006

i'm back.

i was a busy bee my week off. but i have furniture now and that is a wonderful thing. i'm also now in possession of a brand new craft room. i got a sewing table and i moved all the crafty stuff out of my bedroom into the spare room. hopefully i'll get around to organizing it soon.

not much time for knitting, but my mom and i went to spirit work knitting and designs twice. she picked out her birthday presents. i knit her a felted hat from cascade 220. i based it on the hat from last minute knitted gifts, only sized very very large. i made my poor mom model the giant version. i haven't had time to felt, but i'll get around to it this weekend.
Mom's birthday hat pre-felting
i'm also making her some birthday socks from yarn she picked out. it's online cotton/wool blend. i'm making a simple toe-up stockinette pair using my usual reverse heel flap. she tried on the first finished sock and says it fits very well.
Mom's birthday socks in progress

i also made an Absorba bathmat from Mason-Dixon Knitting. i used 3 regular worsted strands of sugar n cream cotton, 2 ecru and 1 white on #15 denise circs. i'm in the process of making another larger version for the bathtub.
First Absorba bathmat

Other than that, i acquired a lot of yarn over the course of the week. First my Vesper sock yarn came. 1 hank of aquamelon and 1 of tartan.
Vesper Sock Yarn
then i got my swap yarn from torndress. 2 hanks of koigu. i mailed her stuff today--i hope she gets it soon.
2 hanks Koigu swap with Torndress
then i bought lots more kitchen cotton for the bathmats and new red dishcloths. i decided to go back to red b/c it matches better with the stuff i bought for the apartment. i'm giving all the pink stuff i made to my mom.
Various kitchen cotton
more shepherd's baby wool. it was on sale. it's so bright and fun--i couldn't resist. i have acquired so much of it that i'm thinking about making a striped sweater.
Shepherd's baby wool from Spirit Work
and finally some basic wool, 3 hanks of cascade 220 and 1 of lamb's pride worsted to make pillows for the living room.
Felting wool from Spirit Work

oh yeah, i almost forgot. my mom bought me a copy of Knitting Nature. I like so many of the designs, but i have a major beef with the sizing. most of the patterns would need to be resized if i were making it for me, and since a lot of them have unusual construction, it might be difficult to do so. but there is another way around it.

my mom wanted me to knit her a sweater. i told her she had to give me a very long deadline, so we settled on xmas 2007. i *think* that should give me enough time. i had her pick out three designs she liked, and her favorite was the phyllo yoked pullover. we browsed yarns at spirit work so she could get a feel for fibers and colors. i have some ideas, but i would love to make it in the specified rowan calmer. if i could only find it...

i think that's it. it was a nice vacation and i'm really enjoying the new setup. but boy, am i tired.

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  1. Oh, your apartment is too cute! I love the setup... and while I do like living with a roommate, mine just has so much stuff that the whole place is perpetually cluttered. The new dishcloths should match your blender really well. ;)



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