Friday, September 01, 2006

I got Vesper, I got Vesper!

YAY! i pounced on two colorways of Vesper sock yarn. i've been dying to purchase some for ages. i got one hank of Aquamelon and one of Tartan. and i'm even willing to handwash it.

which reminds me, i should update the sock yarn review post. i machine washed my cape cod socks again and they are now The Amazing Shrinking Socks. yeah, i'm gonna break down and handwash from now on. *sigh*

First trekking stocking
i finished the first trekking stocking with a non-contrasting toe. none of the yarns i have on hand looked good with it, so i decided to risk it. i followed the pattern, which called for a round toe, but i am going to have to redo it b/c it's too shallow and the sock doesn't fit well. but first i've got to find out if i am going to run out of yarn for sock #2. stay tuned...

i resurrected two more sweaters from the dead. The leaf lace pullover is being reborn as Napoleon, a very simple pullover with cabled sleeves. i would like to someday go back to the leaf lace pullover as written, but with worsted weight yarn. i saw one made from blue sky cotton that was lovely. i also had to rewind the hank of alpaca and silk i'm using for glee, as my cats attacked it and it was all snarled. i am getting closer to being finished with the yoke increases.

fall has come to western new york and i want something warm and cozy to wear NOW. i should really cast on for the second trekking stocking before the vesper yarn gets here.

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  1. The trekking has around 460 yards (versus 325-360 for handpainted) so you should be dandy. I have yet to run out of yarn for socks yet, even using handpainted stuff, and I have "shapely" calves as well. ;) Hope this eases your mind...



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