Wednesday, August 16, 2006

what on earth are the bartlett people smoking?

Remember Napolean?
Napolean Bartlett
after much hemming and hawing and getting really tired of knitting that stupid stripey burp cloth, i started the leaf lace pullover from Loop-d-Loop/IK summer 2005. sort of. you knew there was a "sort of" coming.

Problem #1: the finished bust of the smallest size is 38". um, yeah. i actually started the bottom as written, but this morning i thought it through and decided that i would much rather have a finished sweater that does not make me look like i've been swallowed by the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. so i need to resize. i'm thinking in order to retain the look of the comfy loose sweater, i should probably make it 32". i don't think it will be too difficult, as there is no waist shaping.

Problem #2: the recommended needle size for this yarn is #11. by using #11 needles I am able to get the exact specified gauge for the pattern. however, the resulting fabric is kind of, shall we say, bulletproof? it's so stiff that it basically stands up on its own. the only person in blogland i've been able to find who used this yarn made a scarf on #17 needles. i think will go up to at least #15 to get some semblance of drape. though i'm sure i may someday regret not sticking with the #11s in the event that i get shot at. we'll hope for the best.

Problem #3: reading the experience of others on this sweater...what kind of fucked up mess did teva make of the sleeves? why bother with half a top-down raglan if you are seaming the sleeves? most people seemed (ha-ha, "seamed") to have a lot of trouble getting the sleeves to work properly on the body of the sweater, plus it looks like it has major potential to have saggy armpit syndrome. many a perfectly decent sweater has been ruined by SAS. so now i'm thinking i'll just make a regular ol' top down raglan for the upper portion and knit the sleeves with the body. if i have to graft the sleeve with the leaf, so be it.

oh yeah. Problem #3.5: i snapped another denise cable last night. but surely it was due to the stiff gauge. i'm kind of running out of cables though. i hope i don't do it again.

i think that after fixing these problems, i might have a sweater that looks just as cute as it does on the model. or i'll have a disaster. but on #15 needles, at least it will be a reasonably quick disaster.


  1. i'm not sure that knitting the leaf lace sweater in that yarn wouldn't give me an aneyurism. good luck.

  2. Aha! Something that I can actually speak about from experience!

    The sweater isn't actually a raglan sweater. It's a saddle-shouldered sweater. Like here:

    The reason why you knit part of it top-down is so that the lace pattern is the same on the top and the bottom.

  3. So, basically, you're making up your own sweater pattern? :)

  4. I totally admire your ability to make each pattern your own. I am sure the sweater will bend to your will (mostly). :-)

  5. Good luck w. the leaf lace sweater, it does look beautiful complete :)

  6. Oooohh. No idea about your sizing issues. It seems like you're working them out though!

    Napoleon yarn! woo!

  7. Good God woman, I got away for a week and you finish butterfly, a floor mat, and untold numbers of baby things. Slow down woman! ;)



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