Saturday, August 12, 2006

We are the champions

my friend.
Butterfly is finally finished

That song was going through my head while i was weaving in the ends. Butterfly is FINALLY done. i'm so ecstatic. my amazing lace project is finished and i declare it a success.

Butterfly from Rowan 37

Butterfly from Rowan 37, smallest size, in merino lace in shocking pink, wayyy less than one hank. #6 bryspun circs and #3 addi turbos (for the edging). 11/0 beads from earthfaire.

This has to be the most challenging thing I have ever knit. i tried many times to knit this tank without success. it was frustrating. i thought i would never make it through. i think that finishing the leaf lace shawl first helped tremendously. i found it a lot easier to read the pattern and not screw up on the increases and decreases. i knit in the round and shortened the body a whole lot. in fact, after i cast off, i thought it was too short, but it turned out perfect. the only thing i'm not thrilled about is that my beads are too small to be visible.

Butterfly beads

see? if you squint really hard, they are there. i love this yarn. it's so incredibly soft and the subtle shade variation is so pretty. i definitely have enough of this yarn left for a lacy scarf. i hate bryspun circs, though. i hereby declare that i will never use them again. my fingers hurt from constantly having to force the stitches past the join.

i have nothing else to say except, "YAY!" i'm so proud of myself. i am never taking this tank off my body. i admit it, when i tried it on, i stared at myself in the mirror for ages, thinking, "damn, i look gooooood." the top looks equally nice with both a light and a dark tank underneath. so many wardrobe applications! ok, i'll stop rambling now.

Get thee to Village Yarn Shop

i went to village yarn shop. they are having the best sale EVER. i had to struggle not to buy more. i got 7 hanks of noro cash iroha for $5.50/hank, and 4 skeins of debbie bliss cashmerino for $4/ball, plus fall VK and the new harry potter. i plan to make some xmas hats with the cashmerino and maybe a nice simple pullover with the cash iroha.

butterfly is done. it's a good day.

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  1. I came from craftster I LOOOVE this it looks so good!!!!! I think I need to go find Rowan 37 now ;) :D Awesome!

  2. oh wow - such stunning work
    ... i saw your post on craftster and wanted to see the details - i'm searching for wool to make a butterfly camisole at the moment

  3. Yours is the first Butterfly not knitted in KSH I've ever seen ... great job!
    And you got Cash Iroha for $5.5? OMG ... where is that shop? Not in California, I suppose? :(
    I love the latest issue of VK ... lots of inspiring projects.

  4. beautiful butterfly! love it!

  5. Butterfly looks gorgeous! The color is flattering, the fit is perfect... congrats!

    I am having a similar experience with the sock I'm knitting. I have had to rip out various parts 4 times. For one sock!! I was so tempted to throw it in the garbage, but they're for my mom and she's already seen them. ;P

    As to the new VK, I really wanna make the aubergine sweater with the layers at the bottom. SO pretty!

  6. bravo, it looks great! i'm not usually one for lacy things (probably because my first name is lacey) but that is all around a great top - nice design, actually wearable, fits and looks great... i'm happy for you :)

  7. Awesome!! Congrats on finally conquering it, it looks so good!

  8. It looks gorgeous! You're right, you do have lots of wardrobe options with this. Love the color, it's my absolute favorite!

  9. WOW it looks gorgeous, the color is just perfect!!

  10. That looks SO good on you!!

  11. I've never seen a completed Butterfly before, and yours is just gorgeous! It looks great on you and you should feel really proud!

  12. That is gorgeous and you look so perfect in it!! Kudos to you for sticking with it..despite the needle joins (I hate that too..kill my hands too!) I love the pink!!! Wear it with pride (hehe which I think you are already doing! :)

  13. it looks awesome! did you have to adjust the pattern at all when you knit it in the round?

  14. oh my gosh that's GORGEOUS!

  15. Your butterfly is STUNNING! Yea you is right, this is quite an achievement.

  16. WooooHOOOOOO!!! I've been following your struggle with this one for a long time. Glad to see it came out so perfectly.

  17. It is beautiful and I love the beads! :)

    Isabelle aka Tricotine

  18. Beautiful! You did a wonderful job & it looks terrific! I think you'll find the beads catch light, even if they aren't as "visible" as you'd like.



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