Thursday, August 10, 2006

maternal instincts


i'll let you in on something that's not really a secret to most people who know me. i'm not overly fond of children. i'm the youngest in my family and was never really exposed to little ones. and to be honest, i don't even think that would really have any impact on my feelings. i'm just not good with kids. i don't like dogs either, but that's another story.

fortunately, even into adulthood i haven't really been exposed to any babies. but that's all about to change. my friend, we'll call her Fatty McFatso for now (trust me, it's a nickname of endearment) is about to have her first child, a little boy. and suddenly i find myself scouring all the cute baby knitting patterns on the internet and in books. i'm browsing this flickr group and drooling over all the cuteness. it's like a previously undiscovered knitting world is opening up before me

so i want to make her baby something, obviously. but i'm suffering from so many choices. should i make a sweater? a hat and bootie set? a blanket? i will probably start small and make some mason-dixon bibs and maybe a burp cloth. practicality seems smart, and i don't want to overdo it.

and it's not like i've changed my mind about children. it's a small departure. plus, i pledge to never knit a dog sweater. yeah, conviction.


  1. Dogs and kids are the same story in my opinion. I always say that kids are like dogs--fun for a day or two, but then it is so time to send them home to parents!

  2. Babies and baby clothes. Sure, they're both cute and cuddly and soft, but here's the key difference. A bib won't steal your car and take a joyride to Tijuana when it turns 17.

  3. I love thr pea pod set in the Summer Interweave 2006, by Kate Gilbert

    A soft, lightish weight stroller sized blanket is always nice (something mom can tuck into a bag or under the stroller blanket sized, or over the sholder for nursing if she chooses)-- in something washable though... kids can be kinda gross when they're new :)

    Or if mom is going to go a cloth diaper route, she'd really appreciate handknit soakers-- they're expensive to buy but so cute :)

    Good luck, I love looking at the baby wear (even though I don't knit enough for my 2 year old!)

  4. I'm with you- I'm not a big fan of children. I THOUGHT up until I was about 20 that I wanted kids, and then I discovered I really just wanted to read the same books I'd read in childhood to them, and dress them. I can do both without having one and dealing with spit up and diapers.

  5. Just don't knit a blanket. Folks made of stronger stuff than you and I have been defeated by the endless, monotonous knitting. Also, knit one size up so they get longer periods of use out of it. I do like using baby things to try out techniques!

  6. The beauty of baby clothes is how fast they go. I love making baby booties...a sure hit.

  7. The neat thing about babies is that they grow. If it's a garment, err on the side of making it a bit larger, and it'll fit next month/year/whenever.

    Unless said item requires the kid to become a 6'5", 390 lb linebacker. In that case, you might want to frog -- particularly if it's a girl! : )

  8. What about a fruit hat? The pumpkin ones are always a hit.
    I also thought I didn't want children when I was younger, and I was NEVER and animal lover. I now have 2 kiddos, a dog, and a cat. Love them all to peices. LOL.



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