Thursday, August 24, 2006

A massive show-and-tell

ahh, free time--it's wonderful.

when i got home i tore into bronwyn's destash package. i bought some skacel merino laceweight, knitpicks alpaca cloud, and trekking xxl that she was willing to part with.
Nararabbit's destash yarns

all right, i'm slightly irritated with flickr toys, but whatever. i made some baby stuff for my friend FMcF. the socks are a basic toe-up pattern with short-row heel, made with patons kroy on #2 bamboo dpns. the hat is the basic roll-brim hat from last minute knitted gifts, made with knitpicks crayon, #9 bamboo dpns. the baby genius burp cloth is from mason-dixon knitting, sugar n cream cotton in 2 colors on #7 denise circs. the bib is also from MDK, sugar n cream cotton on #7 denise circs.
FMcF's Baby Stuff

next up is a 2 hour hat--the Boy Beanie from SNB Crochet, Big Girly Style.
Boy Beanie Girlie-fiedThe dot has been applied to protect those who make bad faces
i used debbie bliss cashmerino and an I hook. i added the shell edging from the Cupcake pattern, and the flower is from the crochet rug pattern. i really love the way this turned out. it's for a gift, but i am tempted to make another one for myself. i used most of the skein of dark green, and just a tiny bit of the light green. the dot has been applied to protect those who make really unattractive faces for the camera.

and finally, as if all that weren't enough, i started the garterlac dishcloth from criminy jickets. it's my first attempt at entrelac. to be honest i was kind of scared of it before, but it's really easy and fun. i plan to make a bunch of dishcloths and towels for my kitchen.
Garterlac dishcloth

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  1. That hat is sooo cute. I may have to take the plunge and learn to crochet.

  2. I love the dishcloth! It looks like a good into into entrelac.

    I love the dishcloth you made for me as well. The chocolate is gone, the yarn is being planned for and pet in the meantime, the soap is loverly (and so moisturizing), but I think the dishcloth was my is getting so much use!

  3. Cute babie goodies!

    And, I usually don't like crochet hats, but that one is cute too!

  4. Hi, I stumbled across one of your knittyboard posts and was inspired to try licorice whip. I was wondering, what length of circs did you use? My LYS only carries 24" and 32," and I'd be working on a 34" chest... anyway I'd appreciate your input.

  5. Wow, awesome set! I really dig the hat, I love seeing crochet stuff that's cool (makes me want to learn!) :)

  6. haha! I ran across your blog over at craftster, just after I made the boy beanie in peach and cream with a big flower on it for my 6 year old niece. Great minds... ;)



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