Monday, August 28, 2006

A Kitschy Kitchen

Grandma's favorite dishclothDarrell Waltrip dishcloth
even more dishcloths. the first is "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth," sugar n cream cotton on #7 denise circs, about half a ball. the second is "Darrell Waltrip knitted cloth," sugar n cream cotton on #7 denise circs, less than one ball. you can see a closeup of the stitch pattern here.

i also finished my pink handtowel. i used euroflax sportweight linen and a size E crochet hook. the stitch pattern is from the reader's digest ultimate sourcebook of knitting and crochet stitches. it's in the heavyweight pattern section, "dense shell pattern" or something like that. the towel measures app. 12.5" x 20" pre-washing.
Pink crochet handtowel

so i guess i'm gonna have a pink kitchen. i completely forgot that i have all these red appliances--red pasta pots and a red blender. i guess red and pink together isn't all that terrible. in theory, anyway.

just a preview of what is to come: i worked on section 8 of babette's blanket and finally found a use for the bartlett bulky wool that's been torturing me. i also started a french market bag b/c i need a mindless movie-watching project. and another ballband dishcloth. yes my knitting ADHD has gone haywire.

what else did i do? i finished season 1 of weeds, which was way too short, i watched the iron giant, and i had a massive migraine headache which finally went away thanks to my new friend excedrin. i also may have finally found a roommate. *keep your fingers crossed*

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  1. Nice dishcloths! I don't have the patience for them, so it's always cool to see someone that does.

  2. The towel is gorgeous!! I really need to learn to crochet. I think I say that every time you post another fabulous crocheted thing. But your work is soooo far from the acrylic granny squares I picture when I think of crochet. If I knew crochet could be so pretty and delicate, I would have learned a long time ago!



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