Thursday, August 03, 2006

it's hot.

just call me captain obvious. it's too hot to work on any long-term or large projects. so i've been knitting dishcloths from mason-dixon knitting.
Baby genius burp cloth from mason-dixon knittingBobble washcloth from mason-dixon knittingcounterpane accessories pouch from handknit holidaysPakucho organic cotton ball-band washcloths from mdk
I knit a baby genius burp cloth in cream knitpicks shine. i made it washcloth sized. i also made a bobble washcloth in pink knitpicks crayon. the OFFICIAL official start of xmas knitting. i plan to make a bunch of these for gifts. might as well start now. in the gift-giving vein, i also started the counterpane accessories pouch from handknit holidays in knitpicks merino style. i plan to modify it a bit to make a clutch bag. i am racking my brain, trying to figure out who to gift it to, but i can't think of anyone besides me who likes this color. so i might have to keep it, wouldn't that be terrible? the yarn was an sp present from bronwyn. and finally, i can show the ballband washcloths i made in pakucho organic cotton, one for my summer fling secret pal, the bitter knitter, and a matching one for me.

which brings me to the grand finale. i got my summer fling pkg yesterday. whoopee!
Summer Fling SP pkg
Here we have: Birthday Cake whole bean coffee (belated birthday greetings, excellent), a mix cd and an audio cd of vonnegut's breakfast of champions (i can't wait to listen to both but i forgot to bring them this morning to upload them to my ipod), a pretty wooden bangle, a handknit bag filled with my favorite starlight mints, a little recycled paper sketchbook, 3 hanks of my favorite favorite blue sky cotton, AND a length of orange print thai silk. it's so beautiful--i can't decide if i want to make a tunic top or a skirt. wyatt even found something for him...
Wyatt loves the USPS
Thank you, summer fling secret pal! just one problem: i have no idea who you are. i didn't see a note or anything, and i'm sure i am incapable of venturing a guess. hope you reveal yourself soon, so i can thank you properly.

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  1. lvolk, your summer fling8/03/2006 12:45:00 PM

    yayy, i'm so glad you got the package okay! i got a notice from USPS that it arrived safely yesterday, and i've been checking your blog since to make sure :) this was my first SP & i had a lot of fun picking out things, i hope you enjoy the audio book (i did! and i got a lot of knitting done listening to it, too) happy belated birthday and happy summer fling!



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