Tuesday, August 29, 2006

it is entirely possible

that i now have *too much* time on my hands. eh, increased productivity can't be a bad thing.

here we have yet another ballband dishcloth. evidently i haven't tired of the pattern yet. sugar n cream cotton #7 denise circs blah blah you get the drill. let me draw your attention instead to the eye-catching fabric beneath the dishcloth. this was a freebie from Jessica of Yarntini fame. she was giving fabric away on her blog, so who was i not to take some? i love the pattern and the fabric is sheer and there is a lot of it, so although i might be crazy, i'm thinking about making some bold kitchen curtains. we'll see.
Ballband dishcloth and free fabric from yarntini

next on our tour is the Elf Cap from Handknit Holidays. Bartlett bulky wool, #15 denise circs, with a teensy bit of knitpicks wool of the andes for the tassels. i happen to think that the hat is very cute, but i let Wiggy model it b/c i look like a total dumbass wearing it. i blame myself, not the hat. fortunately this one is another gift--may it look cuter on the recipient than it does on me. the wool softened up and became much squooshier after washing. i'm very happy with the way this one turned out, so i'm not completely soured on the yarn. yet.
Elf Cap from Handknit Holidays

i finished section 8 of babette's blanket. and as much as i want to finish this one sooner rather than later, i think i'm back to being anti-granny squares for awhile. it's just so exhausting, and i have 2 more sections to go. if anyone else is crazy enough to attempt making this, i highly suggest that you start on section 10 and work backwards. that way each successive section will get smaller instead of larger, and you can always sew all the sections together at the end. the way i'm doing it, it just seems to be extending on forever and ever and ever...

but perhaps the lady doth protest too much. presuming that i someday finish it without despairing, i think it will end up being the showpiece of my living room. but god only knows when that day will come.
Babette's blanket through section 8

i had it in my mind to write a piece convincing knitters to delve headfirst into the realm of crochet. but since i am currently experiencing crochet fatigue, perhaps now is not the best time to do it.

after patting myself on the back last night for persevering through one more section, i cast on a new pair of socks using the trekking i bought from bronwyn. (yes i know i have 2 pairs already on the needles. now i have 3). i'm making the clock stockings from folk socks. i know that i swore i'd never make another clock pattern after the canada socks, but what can i say, i'm fickle. i wanted a simple pattern to show off the trekking yarn, and this seems perfect. i'm in love with the yarn btw. i'll save the pics for another day.

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  1. The blanket looks awesome! I think that was the best pattern from ik crochet (I flipped thru since I don't knowhow to crochet, but that one really stood out to me.)

  2. You are a machine!!! I LOVE the blanket. I know you are tired of it but just think of how lovely it will be when done. Stunning!

  3. The blanket is getting there!

    I love the idea of funky kitchen curtains with that fabric. I say go for it!

  4. I LOVE that blanket! It is so gorgeous... I'm rooting for you to finish it so I can see it in all its glory! Go ****, go ****! (Not sure if you post your real name here or not. I thought better to err on the side of caution!)



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