Thursday, August 31, 2006

i heart trekking

Stockings with clocks in progress
my progress shot of "Stockings with Clocks" from Folk Socks. i lovingly gazed at the ball of trekking i bought from bronwyn. i wanted to make tall socks in a simple but not mind-numbingly boring pattern. i needed to integrate a lot of calf shaping and i thought that this time i might try a faux seam line to accomplish it. then i remembered that all of this sounded very familiar, and i browsed Folk Socks until I found the pattern that fit my exact specifications. i've only modified the pattern for length. 88 stitches at the top, decreased to 68. doesn't that calf shaping look pretty?

i'm actually further along than this photo shows. i am knitting the foot now. i did a regular heel flap without the clock pattern b/c (shhh, don't tell anyone) i was off by one stitch on the clock and the two of them are not perfectly centered. it's not that noticeable though. i love the way this yarn stripes. i want more trekking!

i'm planning to knit a contrasting toe, b/c this sock cuff is 13" long and i'm afraid i'll run out of yarn. go visit the non-knitting blog for a bonus photo.


  1. Ok, do you know that you're, like, my knitting idol??? Those look great and I love the faux seam! You're a damn genius.

  2. oo nice shaping there! i am working on a pair of socks now but am working real work more, so they are languishing terribly next to my sofa chair...

  3. I love the Trekking! That color is great too, which one is it?

    Nice calf shaping! Nice!



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