Sunday, August 20, 2006

houston, we have a disaster

ughhhh, the leaf lace sweater of death is officially a disaster. i've been working on it all weekend in between frisbee finals and watching a marathon of dvds, including house, king kong, and weeds. and guess what? it's too big. i actually made a gauge swatch for once and tried the sweater on in many steps along the way, and ironically the sweater width is precisely the 38" specified in the pattern. which is ultra-huge on me. let's also throw in there that i tried multiple ways of getting the leaf motif to work on the bottom of the sweater, including knitting a revamped "upside-down" chart i found on craftster (DON'T USE IT IF YOU FIND IT), knitting the bottom portion as directed and trying to graft and then discovering that the bulky single ply likes to disintegrate and won't spit splice, and then saying screw the leaf motif i'll just make the bottom plain. that's when i discovered that it was too large.

so i'm putting it in timeout for the moment while i internally debate whether or not i should rip back to the yoke and make it less wide. my fear is that if i don't finish this sweater i will never make anything with the yarn. at least i was right. it was a very quick disaster, as in, it quickly turned into one.

on a slightly happier note, i love shopping in other people's stashes. i hopped on the bronwyn destash bandwagon and relieved her of some laceweight yarns and (finally) some trekking xxl.

i have xmas shawls to make. maybe i should start one of them before i try to go back to the bulky sweater of death.


  1. Oh that sucks. You sure you aren't up for a big comfy sweater?

  2. Oh, man, that does suck.

    Another reason for me, that sweaters are few and far between!

    Trekking! yay! can't wait to see it!



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