Friday, August 04, 2006

death by kitchen cotton

Sugar N Cream cotton
My order came. they had a sale on dishcloth cotton, so i stocked up for xmas gift knitting. of course, none of the colored yarn i bought actually matches with the ecru cone i bought, but i had no way to know that in advance. i'm sure i'll end up using it eventually. or i'll trade it.

Purse handles
i also bought these purse handles. this is why i hate buying things when i can't see them up close. the round purse handles are not bamboo, but have that "bamboo finish," which means they look like cheap plastic crap. the straight handles are much larger than i thought they would be. this means that i frogged the green counterpane accessories pouch, b/c i was planning to use the handles for it.

Glee in Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk
i've also decided to frog lemongina. i'm just not happy with the extra drapiness of the bamboo yarn, and i got tired of the pattern. plus now i'm all excited about fall. i saw the new zephyrstyle patterns last week. i liked both glee and rusted root, but held off on buying them b/c i'm trying to use more stash yarns, and i don't have anything appropriate. but then i had an epiphany. i have four hanks of blue sky alpaca and silk that my mom gave me for christmas. i never figured out what to do with it. and so a grayscale glee is born.

i might one day purchase rusted root as well. i'm debating whether i should use the rejected bamboo or readjust for a different gauge and use some of my blue sky cotton...maybe the khaki hanks that lvold just gave me? btw, i listened to the music mix cd she made me last night and i love it. thank you!


  1. Man, sometimes I wish I had your willingness to frog! I am so the queen of not froggin!

    That is A LOT of cotton! Better get to work eh?

    I hear ya about buying things like the handles online. It sucks when you can't actually see things first.

  2. I am knitting Glee too! Can't wait to see your progess...

    And your kitchen cotton collection is very impressive.

  3. I, too, love the kitchen cotton. The only colors I've used are the violet/cream/pale yellow, and pink/cream blend.



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