Sunday, August 13, 2006

A case of finish-itis?

the urge to finish this weekend proved impossible to control. the results:
Ball-band kitchen mat
It's a ball-band kitchen mat, 6 washcloths from mason-dixon knitting, size #7 denise circs, crochet seamed together with a G hook. the irony is that i used mostly lionbrand kitchen cotton i had leftover and very little of the bookoos of new sugar n cream cotton that i just bought. i did a single crochet edging around the whole mat in black. i like the mat, and it turned out just the way that i wanted, but i can finally say that i'm tired of knitting this particular pattern. i think i'm going to give it a rest for awhile.

but that's not all. once upon a time, i asked a bunch of knittyheads which project i should start next. the answer was varied, and i ended up sort of not really choosing any of them. i began diligently but then the heat wave struck, and i cast it aside as that project that's "too fucking hot to knit right now." well, the weather cooled and i finally finished it.

My self-designed shrugShrug closed
and the back:
Shrug back
it's a black ruffled shrug, my own design, debbie bliss chunky cashmerino and filatura di crosa kid mohair in black, #10.5 and #8 denise circs. it's a raglan shrug knit top-down in one piece. the ruffle pattern is the "reversed bold bell ruffle" from knitting on the edge. the edging was picked up all around the body of the shrug and knit in the round. it was a huge pain in the ass. it was so painful that i quit two rows before finishing the edging b/c i couldn't take it anymore.

i couldn't make up my mind what kind of closure would be best, so i ended up doing nothing. i still can't decide if i like it better open or closed with the brooch. as you can see, the back ruffle poofs out kind of funny. i'm not that thrilled with this one. for one thing, i think shrugs are over. i'm not sure what i have in my wardrobe to wear with it, and there's just something off with the way that it looks. but i did my best. the cashmerino chunky is really warm. i got overheated just modeling it for the pictures.

i started up the second mixed berry waffles sock, so the finishing of projects i'd nearly forgotten about continues. i feel like i've been replaced by my evil twin. now if only i can summon up the willpower to finish babette's blanket before my mom comes to visit in september...

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  1. Oh Man! All I have to say is Butterfly! She is gorgeous! I love her! And so cute on! Now I want a butterfly...

  2. Look at you Miss. Finisher Extraordinaire! I really like the black shrug...and you know how I feel about butterfly ;)

    Totally gorgeous. Now I need to whip out the camera and show how I have conquered startitis...okay lets face it I still have it, but it is in remission right now :D



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