Tuesday, August 15, 2006


i have a headache.

but besides that, the urge to finish the old got quickly discarded by starting the new. sort of. i've been working on some baby gifts for FMcF. i made a hat. and a bib. and a sock. and i'm working on a burp cloth. and at some point i should make the other sock. i did all this yesterday. so it kind of doesn't really count as new projects since i finish them too quickly to be very project-y.

which leads me to the intended subject of this non-picture-y post. i've had a few comments in the past about the volume of my output, namely that it is very high. i guess i knit pretty quickly, but i don't feel like i'm a speed demon or anything. for all of the items that i finish, there's probably 3 times as many that never see the light of day. i tend to become enamoured with new things. i get an idea in my head of a finished object that i want, and if i don't produce it before i get the next big idea, the first project languishes unfinished for ages. which is why i hardly ever produce large scale items. they just don't hold my attention long enough before i get bored with them and move onto the next thing. call it knitter's ADD. also if things aren't going exactly the way i envision them, i get very disillusioned--basically if i don't like the way things are going, i probably am not going to like the finished product, so why waste time and effort? those items head straight for the frog pile.

eventually i build up a lot of guilt, when the WIPs are taking up all the space in my room. then i hit a finishing phase, when i frantically clear some projects off the slate in order to justify new ones. and i generally have so many things in various states of completion that it is not difficult for me to apply myself and castoff several things right in a row. then the guilt disappears and my conscience allows me to cast on 3 (or 4 or 5 or 6) new things.

it's a sickness, i tell you. am i the only one who needs to be on medication, or are there others out there?

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  1. If you think your output's high now, imagine sitting at home all day and doing nothing but knit. For hours and hours and hours. In a way, it's nice, but I miss real people too! The Interweave models can only converse so much before you get funny looks from the kitchen appliances and you're delighted when a telemarketer calls because he, it's a human voice!

    Bronwyn, who is gettin' REALLY loopy.... (go knottygnome go!)



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