Friday, August 25, 2006

and then the cupboard was bare

my roommate has packed up most of her stuff, and the apartment is looking mighty lonely. yesterday morning i went to the kitchen to eat a bowl of cereal, but soon realized that there were no bowls. *sigh* this weekend i'm gonna concentrate on making some kitchen stuff so it won't be so depressing. i got a head start by finishing my garterlac dishcloth.
Garterlac dishcloth
Pattern from criminy jickets, #7 denise circs, 1 ball of Sugar N Cream cotton. this was my first attempt at entrelac. it was fun, and now i *really* want to make lady eleanor's stole from scarf style. someday.

Euroflax linen towel
i like the moss grid handtowel from mason-dixon knitting, but i feel like it would take me a bajillion years to make it. so instead i frogged the snb tank top and am using my euroflax linen to crochet a handtowel. i'm using a heavyweight shell pattern from the reader's digest ultimate sourcebook of knitting and crochet stitches (whew, what a long title). this will probably also take me forever, but not as long as it would to knit one.

i saw snakes on a plane last night. it was friggin awesome. basically it was every bit as bad as i'd hoped it would be, plus some.


i just ordered some bulky merino 6ply from in dusty rose to make the entrelac stole. so you see? someday is coming sooner than i had anticipated. also, if you are beginning to think that i have some sort of pink fixation, my guess is that i will hate the color. good thing the future knitted object is not destined for me.

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  1. wow, that dishcloth looks great.

    I was planning on using DPNs for the little stuff. Thanks for your advice, I am off to the LYS today!

  2. Love the dishcloth. I will have to try that.

    That dishtowel will be too pretty to use!


  3. Your kitchen is bare but your counter had the prettiest dishcloth in town!

  4. Very cool dishcloth - thanks for posting the link to the pattern! I also want to make the Lady Eleanor but haven't tried entrelac before - this will be a perfect practice piece!

  5. The dishcloth looks awesome! Entrelac is on my list of techniques to try. I'd have such a hard time getting your pretty dishcloth yucked up!

    The towel is really pretty. Still working on crochet, no idea how you made that pattern, but it's really neat.

  6. Haven't you had the same roommate for 5 years?? I would be depressed too! Are you looking for a new one now? Just being nosy... :)

  7. That dishcloth is awesome girl. I want one sooo badly. Please answer a stupid question about knitting for me.....I am attempting to knit the simplest shawl....and its working out great....but I had to switch to some circular needles and know think I may need even longer circs. What size would I use? I don't want to spend time in books or searching?? How about Babette.........I still can't wait to see yours finished. I am on sec. 8 still and lazy with it!

  8. Anon: it depends on how large you want your finished shawl to be, but since it is knit flat on circs, i'd get the longest cord you can find. i use denise interchangeable circs, and my longest cord is 45" i think.

  9. I love your crocheting. I want to be able to crochet like you someday!



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