Monday, July 10, 2006

A mishap and a new discovery

so i very nearly finished a pair of socks. they look pretty much done, don't they?
Cape cod socks
just one problem: the cuffs aren't the same length.
Cape Cod snafu
oopsie. and naturally, i did this pair cuff-down. i have no clue how to fix this, short of ripping one and redoing it. i have absolutely no desire to do so. i might just wear them as house socks. if i realllly tug on the shorter cuff, it *almost* looks like they are the same length. sweet merciful crap.
Folk Mittens
but onto happier news: i got Folk Mittens in a trade. i read in the amazon reviews that this book is extremely scarce on instructions, so i was worried, but i haven't had any trouble so far. i couldn't wait to start something new after the sock disaster, so i cast on for the Anatolian mittens.
Anatolian Mittens from Folk Mittens
i am using briggs and little durasport and my new #2 brittany birch dpns. to be honest, i don't really detect a difference between the birch and my bamboo needles. maybe i'm just not a connoisseur of needles
Anatolian Mitten
i made it up to the decrease rows on the first mitten all in one day. the pattern is like a good book, i didn't want to put it down. i've been trying on the mitten periodically and it appears to fit, except that i think it'll probably be too long for my hands. i can hardly believe that i knit it, but i think it looks more complicated than it really is. hopefully i will not get terminal second mitten syndrome on this one.


  1. Wow... that MIP (mitten in progress) looks amazing!

    As for the socks, I'd prolly just wear them under jeans, where it'd be less noticeable that they aren't the same length.. but I am in NO way a perfectionist anyway...

    Carey (one of the blog-less masses...)

  2. You could try blocking them? That might help a little. You mitten is looking good!

  3. Hmmm... if it were me, I'd probably pick up stitches a few rows down on the taller sock, frog to that point, and then bind off so the two are the same height. But I'm very picky about my socks - even if no one sees them, I can *feel* if they're different. And I think that cutting some extra off the taller one would be much easier than trying to add to the shorter one, since you'd be half a stitch off when going in the other direction...

    Oh yeah, and nice mittens. :D

  4. I LOVE those mittens! That looks like a fantastic book.

    Cute socks too. How are your other projects going? Your blog is one of my favorites to read because you pick the best projects.




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