Wednesday, July 05, 2006

it's been a loooong weekend

the first of my trades came on friday. i swapped a crapload of my summer yarns with hotmama from knittyboard.
Henry's Attic Texas, 980yds
i got 980 yds of henry's attic texas, which i attempted to koolaid dye. the yarn is a mohair/wool blend, and i already have a plan for it.
Henry's Attic Texas, first dye bath
does this look turquoise to you? i didn't use nearly enough dye. the color is poorly represented in this photo, but it is still ugly regardless. it's also taking forever to dry. i'll need to dye it again, but i don't know when it'll happen b/c the koolaid smell is really getting to me, and i don't wanna stink up my room again.
All Things Heather in Tequila Sunrise
i also received a hank of all things heather superwash sock yarn in tequila sunrise. it took all my self-control not to wind it and cast on.
Stitch markers from hotmama
finally, hotmama also sent me some bonus handmade stitch markers. she was a great person to trade with. i hope she gets her stuff soon.

i also did a shit-ton of knitting, but didn't finish anything.
Started increase portion of butterfly
more butterfly. i'm up to the increases. i cut out most of the straight rows b/c i don't want the top to be as long as it is on the model.
Lemongina progress
lemongina. i am about half finished with the lace portion of the second half, but i realized this morning that i screwed up on a previous row and i'm going to have to frog back a little bit.
Cape Cod Sock #2
i finally started cape cod sock #2. my goal is to finish this pair and then go back and make complete pairs of all the single socks i have lying around. we'll see if that happens.
Section 7 of Babette's blanket
i started section 7 of babette's blanket. this is approximately half done.

what else did i do this weekend? i sewed a khaki miniskirt. nothing too complicated. no photos til after its washed. i think that's it. whew, i'm exhausted.


  1. Wow. You have a lot of great projects on the needles. Your lemongina looks awesome as does butterfly!

  2. yeah for the babette blanket. I can't wait to see yours finished.....I finally got sections 1-4 all sewn together with all ends worked in. I am so proud. It is beautiful and so is yours. I only wish I could knit also.........maybe some day. You gooooo girl!

  3. Hey~! I am coming to NY in November, do you wanna meet up and go yarn (or book) shopping? I'll be there for a week around Thanksgiving. Say you will! ;)


    P.S., I lost your email. And maybe I'm slow, but I can't find it on your site. Email me, wouldya? nararabbit at yahoo dot com!



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