Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i dyed yarn again

hey, remember this? i finally redyed it this weekend. i used 24 more packets of blue raspberry something or other koolaid and ended up with this. 980 or so yards of henry's attic texas, a mohair/wool blend. the kettle dyeing produced very uneven coloring. some parts are super bright while others are almost undyed. i was thinking about using it to make the rebecca wrap cardi from issue 29. i'm not sure when i'll get around to it, but certainly not before the yarn stops smelling fruity.Henry's Attic Texas, 2nd dye attempt

Birthday books from Dad and Chrismy birthday package from my dad and stepmom arrived yesterday afternoon. they sent me two advanced knitting books, ethnic socks and stockings and the knitter's best of shawls and scarves. both books are slightly daunting, but i think it's because there's more descriptions of technique and less strict patterns. i hope to grow into these one day. just browsing through the pictures scares me a little, but in a good way.

my grandma sent me a birthday card and letter. the card was very cute and sweet of her. she asked me to send her a photo of myself (which i don't have--ever notice how after high school you just don't take nice pictures of yourself until you get married?) so to tide her over, i made her a ballband dishcloth from mason-dixon knitting. i used 2 colors of stash sugar n cream cotton and #7 denise circs. i also finally used the personalized labels that my roommate gave me awhile back. i really stink at handsewing.
Ballband washcloth for GrandmaBack of ballband washcloth

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  1. I really love some of the shawls in that book! Especially Frost Flowers - the one on the cover - but it's HUGE and requires tons of yarn and time, so I doubt I'll ever make it. (Unless I end up working in one of those Antarctic monitoring stations for months on end. But I don't see that happening!)

  2. I love the colors of that yarn. Very purdy. I'm sure that will knit up beautifully.

  3. I think the fruity smell is an added perk to Kool-Aid dyeing.



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