Thursday, July 20, 2006

holy crap

yesterday when i got home from work, there was a giant box waiting for me outside. it contained this:

Handknit Holidays
A copy of Handknit Holidays and...
12 hanks of Bartlett Bulky
12 hanks of Bartlett Bulky wool in garnet something or other. the phone is shown for scale. look at the yarn ball. it's going to attack and devour my phone at any moment. i feel like i now possess an army of Super Bulky Wool that is going to throttle me in my sleep. i have no idea where to even store all that yarn, let alone what i should do with it. i'm seeing a very warm sweater coat in my future. i mean no disrespect to my knittyboard trader, glindensmith. she was fabulous. i got exactly what i asked for. i just wasn't anticipating it to be so. much. yarn. and so HUGE.

Baudelaire in progress
After i recovered from opening the box (it took awhile) i made more progress on my baudelaire. i've finished 2 lace pattern repeats on the cuff. i've tried on the sock and it fits pretty well. i can't say that i much enjoyed the process of knitting this particular heel, but it's good to try new things. i think i'm just really anti-short rows.

i'm pretty sure i had dreams about the yarn, which currently rests at the foot of my bed, plotting against me. i think the ball is the napoleonic leader. i should get him a hat.
Napolean Bartlett


  1. What a monster! You lucky thing!

  2. yes, it is somewhat intimidating - that much worsted is never quite so scary. If you don't mind the sheep smell, you could stuff it in a zippered pillow cover and throw it on the bed.

    I love the napoleon shot!

  3. Napoleon as a short angry ball of yarn-brilliant!

  4. Just returning the "Amazing Lace" drop in. I LOVE Handknit Holidays - and the pictures are gorgeous. Have fun!



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