Thursday, July 20, 2006

happy birthday to meeeeee

i got myself a birthday present. that's allowed, right?

i saw on elann that they have the solitary rebecca patterns. i have been in love with this lacy sweater for a very long time. the pattern was on sale for $1.80. how could i pass that up? and while i was at it, i ordered some Peruvian Collection Baby Silk in Aubergine to make it. i realize i just made a similarly colored top. but what can i say...i think it's my new favorite.

a harmless little present to myself. a mere buck and a quarter for every one of my years.


  1. Oh Happy Birthday to you Knotty! I hope your birthday is wonderful!

    Take care!


  2. Happy Happy Birthday!

    Have a celebration!

    Oooh, I love that Handknit Holidays book. I have a huge desire to knit those cream stockings with the lace up the back.

  3. Okay, how have I never seen that sweater pattern before?? And only 925 yards of fingering weight yarn? *eyes the baby cashmere*

    Also, happy birthday!! :D

  4. Happy Birthday from yer Secret Pal! ;) I promise, the goodies are coming soon, very soon... just waiting for the final piece of the puzzle...

  5. Happy birthday!! Interesting that you got yarn today, and I gave away a giant bag to Southern Girls' Rock 'n' Roll Camp! Yay~

    Also, baby silk ROCKS!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! A great birthday present for you too. Have a great day!

  7. Ooooh, I bet that sweater will look great on you! Happy Birthday!

  8. Oh, now the contest has like, "guidelines" and stuff. Sheesh. Now I'm gonna look like I'm just here for the goods. I'm not! I swear! I recently enrolled with bloglines and am finally a regular reader! But since you asked, my favorite color is green (though really, I like all bright fun colors) and I prefer plant fibers (cotton is my friend). And if I have to hazard a guess as to your age, I'm going with 26.

  9. Of course you should get yourself a present! Looks likea good one too. It's my hubby's b-day today too.

    My Picks
    Fav. color - blue
    Animal 0r plant fibers - plant
    Age: 24

  10. Happy birthday!

    Colour: green
    Animal/Plant: Animal
    You are: hmmm...27?

    Hope you have good one!

  11. Happy Birthday!!

    Color: pink
    Fiber: alpaca
    Age: uhm, 26


  12. Happy birthday! That sweater pattern is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the FO.

    As for me - favorite color is blue. I prefer animal fibers. And from your picture, I wouldn't believe you are more than 23.

  13. Hehe, why not...

    color: blue
    fiber: animal
    age: I'm preeeetty sure you were 26 before so I'm gonna say 27, but that's +/_ a year :)



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