Thursday, July 13, 2006

color, color everywhere

so last night i was watching a program on pbs about sharks, and did you know that the mating ritual entails the male shark chasing and biting the female in order to subdue her and that sometimes it can get out of hand and the male will confuse mating with the instinct to feed and can accidentally kill his mate? and that even though that particular breed of shark is not cannibalistic, the hammerhead shark is, and he will come along and eat the poor female shark? i was horrified. anyway, this has nothing to do with knitting, but if you squint really hard, a mitten is kind of shark-shaped.

One Anatolian mitten down, one to go. mitten is unblocked, so the edges curl and my stitch definition and decreases leave much to be desired. the thumb portion was kind of fiddly, trying to do colorwork on so few stitches over four needles, but i muddled through ok. the important part is, i tried on the mitten and it fits like a glove.
One Anatolian mitten finishedAnatolian mitten

babette, your blanket is taking forever. i've made it through section 7, three more to go. actually i've already started section 8. i suddenly feel a desire to be done with this project. i still haven't decided if i should put a backing on it. i'm also starting to run out of some of the colors and am having to get more creative with my substitutions. i will probably have to buy more yarn to complete the project at some point.
Babette's blanket section 7 completed

i've had more trouble with lemongina, b/c i am having difficulties concentrating...probably due to the excess of shark programming on television. i want to start a new pair of socks, but feel the guilt of having to fix the old pair. i'm really tired of the project load i have going right now. yeah i've been saying the same thing every day for several weeks. just call me Broken Record.


  1. That's a groovy blanket - it looks like a piece of modern art. Is it knit or crochet?

  2. :0 You are so fast girl....and your babette blanket is sooooooooooooo pretty. I want to have it. I adore your mittens also. They are very very pretty. How are you so fast I wonder. You go girl! I am so trying to keep up with you on the babette. But I only have 3 rounds done on 1 square from section 7. I have got to jam on it now and catch up. My back does not look to good either. But it is not a mess. Just hard to work in the ends of taupe back into only taupe and it gets a little lumpy. So I don't know about covering the back for you.........I have no idea how to do such a thing anyway. I like the homemade look alot thou if that helps you. I am glad to see your pic of babette.

  3. it's crocheted granny squares. the pattern is in the current Interweave Crochet.

  4. Fun blanket colors. And your folk mitts are beautiful. I'm an Amazing Lacer and looking forward to finishing soon!




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