Friday, July 14, 2006

Cape cod socks redux

i ripped back to the cuff of the too-short sock and reknit, so my socks are the same length now. socks were knit cuff down, 72 st on #1 metal dpns, 2 skeins knitpicks sock landscape in cape cod, stitch pattern is elongated corded rib from sensational knitted socks. i tried a round toe this time, which taught me that i much prefer the wedge toe.
Finished cape cod socks
Elongated corded rib stitch pattern
i just machine washed them on cold in a lingerie bag and they didn't felt. if they hold up ok, i may order some of the color your own sock yarn from knitpicks. i like that the socks are very cushy feeling, but there's no way i'm handwashing them.

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  1. Cool socks, I haven't seent hat KP colorway knit up before. Good to know about no felting, too... (I heard they're releasing a new sock yarn w/ silk in it! Still handwash though...)

  2. Nice colors! Great job! :)



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