Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Another swap

i got another package in the mail yesterday from eris discordia. i traded away my karabella aurora 8 (which i love, btw, i just don't need it in black). she sent me 2 skeins of blue sky organic cotton, in sage (i think).
2 skeins Blue Sky organic cotton
i'm gaining quite a stockpile of this yarn. and why? i don't know--maybe i'm trying to prepare for a future disaster. some people hoard duct tape and canned goods. i hoard blue sky cotton.

she also sent me the coolest pair of earrings that she made. i'm wearing them today.
Handmade earrings

i am up to the thumb portion of mitten #1. i can't believe how fast it's going. it seems a bit silly to be knitting mittens during july, but i got kind of tired of all the summer knitting. i still need to rip back a few rows of lemongina, fix the different-heighted socks, work more increase rows on butterfly, keep plugging away at section 7 of babette's blanket, and goodness knows i can't even remember what else i'm not working on at the moment. i should really try to finish something one of these days.


  1. I love Blue Sky Cotton. I would knit myself a full-body one-piece catsuit out of it, if I only knew where to put the zipper.

  2. Ah finishing. Why finish when starting is so much easier?



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