Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some housecleaning and the amazing lace

ahh, the weekend. today i progressed more than usual in cleaning up my room. i frogged several projects and cleared out some space. i feel much better about life.

i also received my beads from earthfaire in the mail on friday, so i wound my hank of merino lace weight yarn from and off i went. first up: prestringing the beads.
Yarn and beads for Rowan Butterfly
i actually ordered three different types of varying sizes and colors b/c i wasn't sure what i would need. this mix blends really well with the subtle hue variation of the yarn, but there's an unfortunate unavoidable issue.
Hem frill of Rowan butterfly
do you see any beads? i don't see no stinkin' beads. but they are there on the points of the hem frill. i should've gotten a larger size. i guess you can't win 'em all. i pinned out the frill here to measure for length. i ended up knitting 20 repeats and grafting the edges together to knit in the round.
Rowan butterfly body up to row 8
oh artificial light. how you keep doing me wrong. ignore the funky color, please. can you see the beads yet? squint really hard--they're there, i swear. i just completed row 8 of the body. i am knitting the smallest size in the round on #6 bryspun circs. i picked up 71 stitches for each half just like the pattern indicates, retaining an edge stitch. if my stitch count is off for some reason, i fix it on the even rows. it seems to be going ok so far. tomorrow my plan is to write out the stitch counts for every increase and decrease row. i want to be prepared. i've screwed this pattern up so many times right when i thought i had it that i am being extra careful this time. i also plan to follow the pattern instructions and not try to shorten the body. if it's a little longer on me than normal, it won't be the end of the world.

ok, i'm sleepy. bed bed bed.

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