Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Return

*deep sigh of relief*

work and life have been hell lately, but i finally got to relax a little bit last night, and so had time to photograph all the things that i've nearly forgotten about by now.

My finished Somewhat Cowl:
Somewhat cowl

Somewhat cowl sweater

pattern from knitandtonic using rowan wool cotton in poster blue (a royal blue) on #5 addi turbos and magic loop denise circs for the sleeves. i forgot to switch to a tighter needle size for the ribbing and it has stretched out a bit. oops. i knit the raglan increases to 7 inches, made longer sleeves, and only knit 5 inches for the collar ribbing. i've worn it twice and it's starting to sag a bit. it'll probably need periodic reblocking. i'm very happy with this sweater overall, and i got a lot of compliments. some bartender told me it was HOTT and she couldn't believe i'd made it myself. nuff said.

Babette blanket progress
my progress on babette's blanket. i just haven't had any time to work on this more. the sections keep on getting larger so it takes increasingly more commitment. i really love the look of it though.

Ms. Marigold
progress on ms marigold, from zephyrstyle. i'm using classic elite premiere in aubergine. i'm not so sure this is going to fit. it was pretty snug when i tried it on...i hope that it'll take to a good blocking. also, the yarn started to pill and get all nasty just from trying it on. i got a little disillusioned with this one, but it's so close to being finished, i should really just do it.

Licorice Whip wip
so after the stressful week i had, yesterday i took off a few hours early and went to wild wools on south ave. i bought 5 hanks of blue sky dyed cotton in this beautiful pale blue shade to make licorice whip from bluealvarez. i figured that i needed a reward. the cotton is very very soft and i can see this becoming my new comfort sweater. i think that the pattern was just released, b/c there are a few errors that i've found and the directions are a little hard to follow, but nothing i haven't been able to decipher thus far.

whew. it's good to be back.

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  1. Love the Somewhat Cowel! can't wait to make one. Your Ms. Marigold looks great, too! Too bad about th epilling, that would bum me out as well.

  2. The SC looks great! I keep thinking about doing one for myself, but I keep telling myself to knit from my books first! I keep failing.

  3. The licorice whip i really nice--I just might have to make one myself. As for the somewhat cowl, nice work. Better to reblock periodically than to have a sweater done that you dont like.

  4. I have been contimplating this knit for a while now...yours is gorgeous! Great job.

  5. Somewhat cowl looks great on you.

  6. I love your Babette. I am trying to wait to afford the Koigu kit......but with watching yours come together I am just loving it and admiring you.

  7. gorgeous somewhat cowl! i followed your post from knitty. i've had a somewhat cowl body sitting in a bag for over a month now waiting for sleeves and neck, poor thing. must force myself...

  8. Great job on SC! Looks great on you!



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