Friday, June 23, 2006

oh the time, how it passes

i've been working on ms. marigold again. i'm almost to the body ribbing. i
decided not to add in waist shaping, b/c as i've mentioned before, the vest is
pretty snug (read: really fucking tight) and i don't need it. *pained face*
yeah yeah--that is what i get for plunging ahead and not doing a swatch first,
blah-d-blah. i still think blocking will solve the issue. i have great faith
in blocking. i'm a true believer, especially with cotton. covers a multitude
of knitterly sins.

thanks to "Anonymous" for the interest in babette. the problem is, i'm a
masochist and i like working my way through an entire section all in one
sitting. and because each successive section gets larger, it requires an ever
increasingly substantial chunk of time. which i don't have a lot of anymore.
also if i ever get brave enough to reveal my less than flattering qualities,
i'll show a pic of the wrong side of the blanket. i have sort of been
following the directions and using color A (taupe) to sew each square together.
but i hate sewing. so i've been slip stitching each square together. which
makes for very visible seams. which means that the underneath side looks like
poo. when i started doing it, i was basically, "eh, fuck's on the
wrong side...i don't care," but now it kind of bothers me. i might line the
ugly side with fabric. if i ever finish, that is. and i can't guarantee when
that will be. the price of being a fickle crafter, i suppose.

i have a mild interest in making the psychedelic squares afghan also. but even
i'm not crazy enough to start another blanket right now. one unrealistically
major project at a time.


  1. Heh! You always have so many big projects on the needles!

    I admire you for admiting defeat sometimes...I still haven't learned that.

    And go for the tube top. I bet it's a cute one.

  2. I see......yes the babette blanket is a huge deal. But oh sooo beautiful. I am working on it too and am on section 6. I only knew to work it in sections by reading your blog....otherwise I'd be going down the huge list of squares still....and wondering how it was gonna turn out. I have not even worked in the ends yet. I just lay it out and gaze at it. You also inspired me to just use worsted weight yarns of all different colors instead of the Koigu I'd have to roll into balls myself and pay alot. Anyway I love your blog and I want one. But I will always search out your blog and wait to see it finished up. I know that it could be forever!



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