Thursday, June 08, 2006

ode to blue sky cotton

Licorice Whip progress, day 2
O Sky Blue Blue Sky Cotton! How I heart you so.

seriously. i take back all the bad things i ever said about cotton. i am loving this yarn the more that i knit with it. it has the comforting feeling of your favorite bathrobe. i really want a simple snuggly cardigan out of this yarn. i might have to save up and splurge when i finish this sweater. i also still have 3 hanks of sunny yellow. i could wallow in this yarn for days.

i made it through the yoke increases last night and separated the sleeves from the body. at this rate, i should be done fairly quickly. of course, since it's summer, i don't know when i'll get to wear it, which is why having a cardi out of the same yarn is key. any suggestions for a pattern? right now i'm very pro top-down raglans. of course i could develop my own but i'm lazy.

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  1. Knitting Pure & Simple has a pattern for a simple top-down raglan cardigan that cries out to have cables or lace or something added to it. (at the bottom) Also, Oat Couture has this little number: which I think would be cute, and nice enough to go dressy when needed.



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