Tuesday, June 13, 2006

new new new: what to do do do?

if you take a look at the good ol' sidebar (the left one), things are getting pretty hairy again. i'm fickle. sometimes inspiration strikes and i have to cast on immediately if not sooner. this can pay off, as in exhibit A, or it can be a total disaster, like exhibit B, no--exhibit B-v2...no, no, i really mean exhibit B-v3.

the point is, i tend to finish things really quickly or not at all. and although i'm feeling a great deal of guilt right now about the sheer number of unfinished projects that are taking over my bedroom, i feel the need to make something newwwwwwww.

so here's my thoughts. i have a bunch of debbie bliss chunky cashmerino.
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky
i kind of want to make an anthropologie capelet but i also thought about making a bolero with an allover cable pattern, kind of like this, but not really. something more chunky suitable that buttons in the middle.

i also need a project for this debbie bliss cathay.
Debbie Bliss Cathay
I was thinking of starting with grumperina's picovoli pattern and modifying it to be pretty and ruffly, like Lola from rowan 33. i also have a ball of cream and one of pink in cathay that i might incorporate for the edgings somehow.

also, before you know it, fall and winter will be upon us. i have the cone of cascade 220 calling my name. All hail the CONE!
Cascade 220 cone
i want to make a cute modern cardigan, kind of like the green one in knit1, but not really. maybe with wide ribbed button bands but with a scoop neck collar and more of a rounded bottom, like this kim hargreaves number.

finally, i'd like to knit up my hipknits silk.
Hipknits Aran Silk
i had started annie modesitt's silk ribbed corset, but i really hate ribbing. and the multi-colored silk was putting all that detail to waste. i was thinking of frogging and making a green gable from zephyrstyle, but modified to have a lace panel at the bottom, like turtlegirl's.

oh yeah, and i also wanted to make some kind of cabled vest using my yellow blue sky cotton, but that's still kind of in the thawing stage, as i want to finish ms. marigold first to see if i can finagle it top-down, so for now i will leave it out as a viable option.

right now i'm working on my cape cod socks. i could try to persevere and make a return to some of my other projects, but realistically i'll probably start something new. so what should it be?


  1. Something with the silk, for sure. The colors are SO lovely, they beg to be seen knitted up! Why not try knitting something with the stitch pattern from Jaywalkers - a wrap or scarf? Also, I can say that the tank from LMKG is GORGEOUS in variegated silk! It does stretch a lot though so I would make it smaller than you think you would actually wear. (the 32 fits my 36 perfectly. weird!)

  2. Hmmm I vote for the Cathay... I'm in the middle of a wool project right now and I'm so sick of it, I just want to knit something light and summery already! The silk is also gorgeous but so many people have knitted Picovoli that it would probably give you fewer headaches...

  3. I'd like to vote for the 1st capelet as your next project, it's quite pretty. I'm tempted to knit one for myself!

  4. Wow. Those are all such great projects! My vote is for either the cardigan or the capelet.
    I really like the Kim Hargreaves number!

  5. Turtlegirl's green gable was *seriously* cute....

  6. I am torn between the modified green gables top and the cardigan with the cascade 220. Hmmmmm. What yarn would be better to knit with in the summer, the silk?

  7. I've been coveting the green cardigan in knit1 also.

    Where did you find a cone of cascade 220?? I love cones.

  8. I love the caplet and the Picovoli



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