Friday, June 16, 2006

Le sigh.

so the responses to what project i should knit next were pretty even across the board. i did pick one, but i'm gonna keep it a secret for now. i might be done with it fairly soon, if that tells you anything.

i have had a little time to knit each day, but since i haven't been getting home until 10:30 or so three days a week, i'm feeling a bit fatigued. i've mostly only had time to work a couple rows of sock and then off to dreamland. i finished the first cape cod sock, sort of. i used a star toe b/c i wanted to think outside the box and not resort to my usual wedge toe. but i made it too shallow, so i ripped it out this morning and need to reknit it. and then i need to make the other one.

my roommate is going out of town for the weekend, along with 90% of my friends, so it's gonna be a lonely couple of days. i was thinking that i've earned a trip to the yarn store b/c of some life crap that's been going on. i was also thinking about sewing a skirt. i really want a new skirt. i keep seeing all these pretty summery full swingy skirts. one can never have enough skirts. we'll see what i can actually get done.

oh yeah, i had another project inspiration. i saw this deep wide boatnecky-scoopneck top with 3/4 length sleeves that meadow soprano wore. it was out of a stretchy knit fabric, but i was thinking of making one out of mohair, maybe using the three balls of beige ksh in my stash. and maybe adding 3 brown leather buttons on each cuff of the sleeves. whaddya think?
Gift from Downstream SP6, Tish

one more thing. i washed and blocked licorice whip with no significant changes in gauge. i soaked it in the sink with woolite (i know it's bad, but it's all i have right now), squeezed out as much water as i could and laid it flat on the blocking board with a fan on it for several hours. then i actually laid it over the fan to super hardcore line dry it, and it was dry in only a couple of hours. the lace pattern opened up quite nicely. the sweater is not quite so skintight now, and it is just comfy, but still form-fitting. the blue sky cotton did not shed much and it is still very soft. i would definitely recommend hand-washing the yarn, after some of the stuff i've read about dryer lint.

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  1. oooohhh! I know what Meadow Soprano top you're thinking about!

    Go for it! I think it would be cute.

    (and I want to see...)



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