Monday, June 19, 2006

it's getting hot in herre

Saturday morning, i went to Village Yarn Shop in Midtown Plaza. i had to make my roommate's belated birthday gift, stat (her birthday was friday, but she was out of town this weekend). i picked up 2 hanks of Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande in black and churned out a mistake rib scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts on #10 denise circs. it's maybe 5 inches wide pre-blocking with very long fringe. i completely forgot to take a photo before i gave it to her.

it really sucked working on a bulky alpaca scarf because it was REALLY FRIGGIN HOT. honestly i think i'm spoiled--i've lived in western new york for far too long. b/c i was by myself, i pretty much just strutted around in my underwear all weekend long. i'm sure knitting winter gear didn't help much. i can't say a lot about the yarn, b/c it was just so uncomfortably warm. i thought b/c it was a scarf that it wouldn't be so bad, but it was. it also shed a lot when i was knitting with it. it is very soft and will be a great thick winter scarf, so i might be tempted to use this yarn again for outer gear, in an appropriate season.

anyway, back to VYS. i browsed forever, trying to find some yarn to treat myself. but it was just so HOT. i mean, it was air conditioned in there, but i broke out into a sweat just looking at all that mohair and wool. so i wandered over to the cotton section. i was going to pick up some brown sheep cotton fleece, but every time i look at it, i don't like the texture of the skeins. i've heard good things about it, but i just can't bring myself to buy for some reason. nothing was jumping out at me, until i saw this:
Plymouth Royal Bamboo
5 skeins of Plymouth Royal Bamboo, approximately 500 yds. the label says it's a worsted weight, but i don't know what the manufacturers were smoking, b/c there is no way that is true. i'd say it's a dk weight, maybe a little thinner, very similar in appearance, texture, and splitiness to Debbie Bliss Cathay (but a little shinier and not quite as thick).

it took me forever to finish the scarf. after it was done, there was no way i was picking up anything that was either bulky or wooly, so i swatched and started Orangina from glampyre.
Lemongina from Glampyre
Luckily this pattern is very easy to modify. i cast on 76 stitches for the front on #4 addi turbos. my yarn is thicker than the specified yarn, plus i'm aiming for a 30" chest. it looks about right so far. this lace pattern isn't difficult. it's very similar to soleil and the lace pattern on the cami from lmkg, but if you screw up at any point, it's a pain to fix. i've had to remind myself to concentrate several times.

the bamboo yarn is very soft and shiny and drapey. it does split, but i got the hang of it after awhile and i don't snag nearly as much. i read on a blog somewhere that bamboo yarn is prohibitively hot, but i hope it won't turn out to be the case here.

yeah, it's *another* new project. it's a sickness, i tell you. i did finish the first cape cod sock, for real this time. one of these days i'll have a big frogging party and that will drastically cut down on the works-sitting-idle.

oh yeah, to end on a humorous note: i have subconscious color issues. every time i go to the yarn store, i think of my overstuffed yarn baskets sorted by color, and i try my best not to purchase yarn in shades that i already have an abundance of. the last time i went to wild wools, i thought, "i'll get this baby blue yarn. i don't have any baby blue yarn." i realized after i got home that i was wearing a polo shirt in the exact same shade. on saturday, i walked out with this buttery yellow yarn b/c i hardly have any yellow in my stash. i looked down and i was wearing a yellow tank top. eh, call it extra inspiration.


  1. I have 3 lonely balls of this stuff at home and no idea what to do with it. I need to go back to the yarn shop and get a bunch more. It'll have to be in a different color since they don't have anymore of the white. Oh well. Stripes? I just love that yellow color! I wish they had that!

  2. Can't wait to see Orangina. I just bought 4 skeins of the bamboo and debating what to knit. Orangina is on my list too.

  3. I actually bought that same yellow color and love it. I just don't love that it's so splitty. I agree that it is NOT worsted!

  4. This is an old-timey solution, but you could spot-treat the lace with spray starch if it was a HUGE problem. ...It looks good! The yellow is beautiful. I wish I could wear that color but I'm so pink it makes me look like a sick banana.



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