Wednesday, June 21, 2006

i might be wrong

ah, radiohead. sometimes your song titles just cozy up so well to my current
life events. there, there.

so you know what sucks? i'm going to run out of yarn on lemongina. i've
already made it through the first ball out of five, and i'm only 7 inches into
the front. that means i'm going to need a lot more yarn than i anticipated.
and the bamboo is super ultra drapey. i'm not certain in this case if that is
a good thing. the top of the lace kind of wants to permanently flop over. i'm
going to persist for now, and if i need to go back to the yarn store for a few
more balls, i guess it won't be the end of the world.

does anybody know of a good source for rowan calmer? i don't think any stores
carry it here. i really like the waves tube top from saunshine knits. not
that i should be wearing a tube top, but like i'm gonna let that stop me.

oh yeah. so i've been neglecting the amazing lace for too long. i don't know how much time i'll have to do the "challenges" and whatnot, but i did place an order for beads from earthfaire for my butterfly. i figured i've had such a crappy time with it thus far, i might as well throw another cog in to make it even more difficult. i ordered 3 different colors and sizes to choose which i think will be the best. when my order arrives, i'll probably finally start. it's still early summer, so i have plenty of time.

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  1. work on babette blanket I want to see it finished. You go girl.



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