Wednesday, May 17, 2006

uh, i f-ed up.

what should i do?

so i've been knitting extremely sporadically on the leaf lace shawl. like,
half a row here, half a row there. i have no time. i really wish i could knit
at work. i could be so productive then. anyway, b/c i'm a moron i haven't
been using a lifeline. and somehow i messed up a pattern row and tried to fix
it. i got my stitch count back on track but one of the yo next to a leaf looks
really off. it kind of bothers me, but i think that maybe when i block it
won't be as noticeable. or maybe it will be more noticeable...i'm not sure.
it's too far back to tink and i think b/c i'm using bryspuns it would be
impossible anyway. the joins on bryspun circs really blow. so my only other
solution would be to rip out til before the hole and hope for the best.

ok, i guess this isn't really the kind of question i thought it would be.
there is no way in hell i'm risking ripping it out. i don't want to start
over. what i'm really asking is, can i make myself live with that one
non-perfect leaf? i am giving this as a gift, so i want it to be perfect, but
i also really don't want to start over. must be like bobby hill: learn to
embrace the wabi-sabi.

i started a new sock. it's one of the four-stitch patterns from sensational
knitted socks using knitpicks sock landscape in cape cod. i kind of forgot i
had this yarn. i really want to complete a pair so i can test out the
durability. i'm looking to dye some more of my own yarn but first want to see
if the machine washability holds up before i make the time/$$$ commitment. i'm
working it cuff down and plan to use contrasting yarn for heels and toes.

i've begun the waist increases on the somewhat cowl but i just haven't had

oh yeah, i got summer ik in the mail last week-ish, but i didn't really like
anything in it. i kind of like the bohemian euroflax top, but probably not
enough to knit it. miiii.

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