Thursday, May 18, 2006

Project(s) status

it's amazing how an episode of Lost can be beneficial to my knitting. i am almost done with the body of the somewhat cowl.
Somewhat cowl body
actually i'm a bit further along than the pic shows. i'm in the process of binding off the bottom ribbing. i forgot to switch to #4s for the ribbing, but i doubt it's going to matter. i hate it when the ribbing draws in too much anyway. i've been debating whether i should do the sleeves next or skip to the cowl. i think it may be better to do the cowl first b/c i think it's gonna take forever plus i haven't quite decided whether i want the sleeves to be elbow or 3/4 length. i want elbow because i have a similar colored v-neck sweater that is 3/4 length, but i still think the swc will be too heavy for spring/summer, which means that 3/4 would be ideal. i'm open to suggestion.

Leaf lace shawl
the shawl looks like blehhhhhh right now, but that's unblocked lace for you. i haven't worked on it since the fuck-up, but i think i'm just gonna go ahead and hope it blocks out. i'm not sure how big to make the shawl. i'm still on my first hank of knitpicks shadow, so i'm pretty sure it's not big enough yet, but the recipient is short like me. ok, maybe not quite as short as me, she's like 5'2" or so, but she's much more buxom, so i'm assuming the shawl needs to be a lot wider than i would need. not that i really know how wide a shawl i would need either.

Cape Cod sock
and finally, the only other thing i've been working on lately: the cape cod sock. i have big plans to make this pair knee length. it knits up fairly quickly when i actually work on it. i guess i'm not in hurry. i've already finished my may socks so i can use this pair for my june entry. one pair of socks per month seems plenty.


  1. I also have a pair of Cape Cod socks, though they've been finished for a while. I accidentally felted them a little, and let me tell you, they are HEAVENLY! They're so comfy, I feel nummy just thinking about having their squishy comfort on my feet...

  2. Also, KP merino sock yarn: NOT WASHABLE. DO NOT ATTEMPT!!

  3. Why put any sleeves on the somewhat cowl at all? Since you are hoping to use it during warmer weather, maybe you could finish the armholes (ribbing? crochet?) and call it done. Just a thought. Personally, I prefer cap sleeves or 3/4 sleeves since my arms look short in elbow-length.



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