Friday, May 19, 2006

one of these days...

i am going to finish something.
Somewhat cowl collar progress
i tried on the sweater after binding off the bottom ribbing, and it fits like a glove and is the perfect length. i'm not sure why i sound so surprised. this knitting from the top thing usually works well for me. i picked up the stitches for the cowl neck, which was a huge pain. i think i ended up with 168 stitches. i finished approximately 3 inches of ribbing. i know that my too short needles are affecting the shape of how the sweater looks, but i worry that the cowl neck is going to hang funny. but i haven't strayed thus far, so i'll have faith it'll turn out ok. i didn't knit much last night, cuz i pooped out and fell asleep at 9:15. i'm getting old, i guess.

thanks to bronwyn for the heads up on the knitpicks sock yarn. ugh. socks that aren't machine washable? what on earth would possess one to ever create such a thing? no wonder KP is discontinuing the yarn. now i have no motivation to finish them.

i also ordered more yarn for some upcoming birthday gifts. that's all i'm gonna say.

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