Thursday, May 25, 2006

oh my bleeding sweater

i finished the somewhat cowl. i had a lot of ends to weave in, b/c the rowan
wool cotton had a considerable amount of knots. not enough to make me curse,
but enough to be an inconvenience. the sweater ended up being a bit shorter
than i really preferred, probably b/c i got sick of all the ribbing and was
like, "eh, screw it." so to fix that problem, i am currently blocking the hell
out of it.

but the weird thing is that the yarn bled a whole lot. i don't know why, but i
wasn't expecting it. maybe it's a blue thing--the only other yarn i've ever
had bleed that much on me was this purpley-blue handspun. i really hope it
doesn't take forever to dry. i want to wear it before it hits 80 degrees here.
the good news is that pre-blocking, the sweater fits like a glove. well,
except for that too short issue.

i even had an opportunity to work on my cape cod sock during the finale of
Lost. i'm probably up to about 7 inches on the cuff.

i also received 7 balls of black debbie bliss chunky cashmerino from WEBS in
the mail. i was going to use it for the gift scarf before i decided to go with
the karabella aurora 8 instead. so now i don't know what to do with the DB. i
might try to make some sort of cropped cardigan. everyone needs more black
cardigans. i'll get right on it once i finish the 500 other things i have otn.

oh yeah and if anyone is interested, i have to count how many balls i have left, but i'm definitely up for trading the remainder of my rowan wool cotton, color is discontinued...i think it's Poster Blue. there's probably 4 or 5 balls. i like the cushy feeling of the yarn, but i am never knitting another item in this color ever again.


  1. Aww, I haven't heard from you in a while. I hope you're busy at work and nothin's wrong! We want to see your somewhat cowl!:D

  2. I would really like to see your finished Somewhat Cowl... That color of blue you picked is really pretty. I'm also excited to see how that crocheted blanket turns out.



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