Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Is it that hot in Missouri?

or, as in Arkansas, we like to call it, "Misery." sorry. we do. Do people from Missouri really say, "err-body" or is it just rappers from St. Louis? I have a fondness for Missouri. They have nearby Branson, which is just like Vegas, only holier and without all the gambling. i've gone to silver dollar city many a time in my youth, visited the arch (and got dizzied by the height) and engaged in shopping at union station (i think) before embarking on a band trip to DC. it's a good state. it's also the home base of my Knitty secret pal 6.

She sent me my final package, stocked with loads of goods.
Knitty SP 6 final package goodies
In photo #1: vintage crafty magazines, including a leaflet on furry puppet pals, which i somehow feel certain i had a copy of in my youth. My mom worked at Hobby Lobby. we had all kinds of things like this. I also received a bumper sticker and a cd stocked with cluez as to my pal's identity. will i guess correctly? more on that later. then we move onto "kiss my tiara" a book filled with witty feminist isms and tips. and finally, ORANGE YARN! yay, my dream of a complete rainbow is finally fulfilled!
Even MORE goodies!
Moving on to photo #2: Bless my heart, it's a sweater shaver! and plain ol' stitch markers (just the way i like 'em)! and a crochet case! perfect new set of small crochet hooks--*all* sizes from B to F!!! i can finally crochet without reconfiguring everything to my trusty old G hook. wooo!
Err-body loves chocolate
And finally, Photo #3: a bag of special edition hershey's kisses cherry cordial flavor. which brings me to the subject line. *is* it hot in missouri? b/c something really weird happened and all of the contents of the package were melty. the kisses were kind of everywhere and all of the plastic wrapped packages had come unglued so there were random bits of gifts mixed up with empty plastic containers. and some stuff was kind of gooey. i mention this, because i am not entirely sure that it wasn't a purposeful trick...perhaps to remind me of that place H-E-double hockey sticks where fun fur reigns supreme? i know not. you're either very clever, or very evil. maybe both. or maybe it really is just hot in missouri. at any rate, i am going to take a stab at secret-identity-outing and say that my beloved FunFurIsTheDevil is none other than Penny Karma! (ok i must say when i read her blogger profile, i misread her moniker as, " Sarah, the Evil Genius with a Heart of Cold," which would be pretty damn funny.

Sooooo??? am i right, am i right, huh huh huh???



    Well, normally it's not that hot here, it had even been unseasonably cold, so I didn't even think twice about mailing chocolate. Whoops. I sent the package last Friday, so maybe it made a detour through Florida or something.

    Other than the melted chocolate, I hope everything was ok! I didn't think to double-bag everything. I didn't see chocolate any smudges on Kiss My Tiara!

  2. Ooohhh!

    I so think you're right!

    Cause I had Penny Karma as a pal too!

    And thus three Sarah's were linked in the knitty pal ring.

  3. uuhhm, i lived there for a couple years and a good portion of the people sound like Nelly, he's not making that up. :)

  4. Hmmm, I live in Southwest MO, and we say Missourahh, but most of the upper MO people think us Southern MO peeps are Ozark hillbillys! LOL

    I am 45 minutes from the holy Branson.


  5. no worries, pk...there was nothing a good damp cloth couldn't fix. and the yarn was in a bag, so it was safe.

    thanks again. -s



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