Thursday, May 11, 2006

*insert Rainbow Brite theme song here*

I'm pretty sure all women of my generation love rainbows. when i was a kid, i was totally obsessed with rainbow brite. somehow i never got over my love of all things rainbow, so i consider myself lucky that i happen to live on a street with very colorful and pretty gay pride sculptures. when i was in college, my school celebrated "Gaypril." i guess it's not a national thing, but when april rolled around, i whipped out my lorna's laces rainbow shepherd sock and set about to make myself a lovely pair of colorful socks.

i had a few missteps. it turns out that the shepherd sock, so lovely and bright in the hank, pools terribly in the most unattractive way. i made a jaywalker sock but it was just so hideous. and it didn't fit. so i ripped it out and started over. and then my cats got to one of the balls of yarn and it took me several weeks to untangle. i started to think the yarn was cursed. fortunately i persevered and now i have a happy bright pair of socks. just not during the month of Gaypril. oh well.
Big Gay Socks are done
Socks are toe-up, #1 aluminum dpns, alternating skeins, 3x1 rib (64 st) on the instep increasing to 3x1x4x1 (72 st) and 1x1 twisted rib for the cuff. socks are worked with my usual reverse heel flap and gusset, and the cuffs are approximately 8 inches.
Big Gay Socks modeled
For being such a huge pain in the ass, i am very happy with how these turned out. i can't wait to wear them. the yarn is very soft, the colors still stripe-pool (ha, i made a new word!) a little despite alternating skeins, but it's vastly superior to my other attempt. i can live with the results. but i swear i am never using lorna's laces hand-painted yarns again. i traded all of my other hanks away.
BGS detail
it's really difficult to photograph these properly, as the oranges seem overpowering in the photos. but take my word for it, they are the happiest, rainbow-brite-iest socks EVER.

speaking of yarn that is cursed, i started the somewhat cowl last night with the royal blue rowan wool cotton. it's too soon to be definitive, but i think DING DING DING! we may have a winner. *fingers crossed*

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  1. I really love Lorna's Laces: they have the most bright colours.
    And with all the bad fortune you suffered making them, the result is so glorious; I garantee you: they will be your most lucky socks ever.

  2. LOVE the big gay socks!!! :) I still have to use my LL Rainbow...

  3. Cool socks! I love the colors and the length. Plus, I LOVED rainbow brite!

  4. I just won this color of Lorna's Laces on eBay, and I'll be sure not to use it for Jaywalkers! I really like how these socks turned out. I love the bright colors!

  5. I love those socks! They look so great for all the grief they caused you! :P



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