Wednesday, May 10, 2006

and it never ends

i finally finished something. the lorna's laces rainbow socks are done. i
just need to weave in ends. i can check one project off the list.

but that doesn't excuse the 5000 others i have going. i'm making blissful from
snb crochet in euroflax linen. maybe. i'm close to being done with it, but
i'm not sure i like it, so i've been stalling. i also bought rebecca 29, and i
decided i liked the chevron ribs tank better than the one from lmkg, so i
ripped out the schaefer laurel (AGAIN) and am using it. i haven't gotten very
far. i made another tank from rebecca 29, i think it's called the silver and
white tank or something weird like that, from some leftover almost forgotten
yellow cotton/nylon tape yarn. i am like 1 inch away from finishing it. and
it's even a bulky yarn. ...haven't finished it yet. i don't really like it,
so i'm not in a rush. i'm still working on the leaf lace shawl, but it's going
very slowly. the recipient's birthday is ever approaching. time to start
applying myself. i think that might be it. at least the socks are done.

it gets worse. today i bought two patterns from knitandtonic's site, the
somewhat cowl and marilyn's not so shrunken cardigan. i plan to make the SWC
in the cursed rowan wool cotton. i swear on my grave that i will make the
whole thing in this yarn, just so i can get rid of it. i made a mental
catalogue of yarns that i have in my stash and decided to take (more) advantage
of the WEBS sale, so i bought elsebeth lavold silky wool in black to make the
MSC. and b/c that order total was a mere $30 with shipping, i threw in a ball
of regia strato color sock yarn for kicks. my willpower blows. oh and let's
not forget that i also bought 2 more balls of DB cathay a few weeks ago, one in
pink and one in cream to make another tank from rebecca that i later decided i
didn't want. i can't return b/c i already swatched them. so what the hell am
i gonna do with these two lone non-matching balls of yarn?

last weekend, i finally utilized the burda magazine and cut out a white linen
dress pattern that is adorable. it was going to be my weekend project.
tracing and cutting out the pattern was a huge PITA, but i managed. i didn't
have a zipper, but i figured i could sew up to the point that i needed it and
at least get it half done. then i remembered that i don't have any
interfacing. the first thing you sew is one of the parts with interfacing.
crap. so the cut pieces are in a tidy pile in my room.

not to mention that i have absolutely no time for crafty things. i'm in a bad
mood. grr.

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