Thursday, April 27, 2006

That post where knottygnome brags like she reinvented the wheel.


ok, i'm posting my final pics of the trellis scarf and then i swear i will stop talking about it. Look at 'er...she's purty.
Trellis scarf from Spring 2006 Interweave Knits
and a closer look:
Trellis Scarf detail
Pattern is Trellis scarf by Evelyn Clark, published in Spring 2006 Interweave Knits. Knit on #7 bryspun circs over 45 stitches and 19 pattern repeats. Finished scarf is app. 9" wide and 64" long post-blocking. Used 1.25 balls of rowan kidsilk haze in "trance."

This is my most complicated finished lace knit to date. i had a hard time using the called-for #5 needles with the ksh, so i upped it to #7 and cut out one width-wise pattern repeat. i also knit fewer row repeats to compensate for the bigger gauge. the 64" scarf length is perfect for me. i can wear it with my spring trench. i had a hard time at first with the 7-into-5 (or whatever it's called) but once i remembered to purl loosely on the previous row, it went fine. i used a lifeline, which saved my ass on multiple occasions. this pattern took a fair amount of concentration for me at first, but after awhile, it became more intuitive. this is the first time that i've actually enjoyed working with mohair. the finished scarf is so soft and pleasant to wear.

but enough about that. i went back to the big gay socks and am up to the cuff on the second sock now. it's been so long, that i cannot remember exactly what i did for the first sock. i figured if they don't match exactly, it won't be the end of the world. at this point i just want them to be done.

thanks to everybody who commented on my shawl options. i took all your votes into consideration, and last night i cast on for the leaf lace shawl using knitpicks shadow in grape jelly. i did this for two reasons: 1) my co-worker's birthday is coming up and her favorite color is purple and 2) if i use the kp shadow, i get to knock another failed WIP off the "Frog Pile" list. so i started it, and got through 4 out of 13 pattern repeats. i'm using #5 bryspun circs and plan to knit the small size. so far it is going very smoothly. the pattern is a lot easier than the trellis scarf was. but i can see how it is going to get boring as the shawl grows. let's hope i have enough stamina to complete it.

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  1. That looks absolutely fabulous!!! *L*

    I see you got those 7-into-5 stitches down - did you find that easier on the bigger needles? They drove me insane so I gave up in order to keep my sanity for another day!

    Excellent job!

  2. Looks great! I need to give that pattern a shot!

  3. Beautiful! I loved seeing your photos, I couldn't really tell what the pattern looked like in IK's pics.

  4. Purty!! It's so lacey and open, I love the pattern. Great job! (And yay for finished lace!)

  5. I love it! This is on my to knit list and you may have just moved it up the queue. It looks awesome. And I love that kidsilk haze too!

  6. Wow! That is really impressive, and really pretty! Congratulations!

  7. Boogs: i went up 2 needle sizes b/c the "stickiness" of the halo-y kidsilk haze was driving me nuts on #5s. the 7-into-5 got easier if i remembered to purl very very loosely on the previous row.

  8. That is really gorgeous. I'm going to dig out my spring IK when I get home and take a look at this pattern again.

  9. That Trellis scarf is amazing. Niiiiiice work. :)

    PS - your yahoo avatar is almost identical to mine LOL



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