Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Thank You Tish!

Gift from Downstream SP6, Tish
My downstream pal, Tish, from the prevous SP6 round is such a sweetheart. She sent me some of her leftover balls of rowan kidsilk haze that she won, AND threw in a bonus ball of blue sky cotton. i mentioned to her how much i adore petting ksh, and she was so very kind to send this to me. thank you so much! i think gazing at its soft yummy goodness lit a fire under me.

Trellis Scarf from Spring 2006 IK
i felt some guilt about casting aside the trellis scarf for so long. last night i sat down and tripled its length. i don't know what happened. it's like the pattern just clicked and i was finally able to make forward progress. if i can just keep my cats away from it, i might one day finish the scarf.

i've also rediscovered my love of ksh. i'm *enjoying* knitting with it. so someday all of my mohair will become actual knitted objects instead of sitting in my stash as humble little tribbles. yay.


  1. Your scarf is elegant. I enjoyed reading your blog . . . knit on

  2. Wow! You're waaay farther along than I am. It looks terrific! Do you intend to knit the full 23 repeats? I'm thinking that will be too long...

  3. Jennifer, i think i'm up to 12 repeats so far. i might stop a few repeats shy of what the pattern says, but i'll probably stop when i can comfortably wrap it around my neck without it looking stubby. i don't think it'll be much fewer, maybe 20 repeats?



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